Sample Business Plan Paper on Evaluation and Control


Formal Controls

Input controls

Various controls that can be used in facilitating the generation of revenue to cater for the various expenses that the Hand and Stone massage marketing plan aims at achieving exists. The plan has well stipulated budget program and the source of funding for such undertakings. The primary goal is to minimize costs and maximize profits at the Hand and Stone massage establishment. Correspondingly, due the Hand and Stone massage business expansion plans, there is an inherent need for additional human resource and capital expenditure at the company. An in-depth market study will also be carried out to further determine other unique needs of the customers.

Process Control

The Hand and Stone massage establishment targets increased customers’ turnout and therefore an improvement in the amount of profit to be made. The marketing plan has set out sales projections that will be compared with the actual sales after sometime to determine the profitability of the firm. The employees will be encouraged and motivated towards the provision of quality services to the clients.



Output Controls

This Hand and Stone massage marketing plan is designed to induce more customers to pursue the services of the company. The primary objective is to ensure that the company’s customer base remain satisfied with the services offered and any concern raised duly addressed.

Overall Performance Standards

Ensuring a satisfied customer base remains the primary objective and top priority of the Hand and Stone massage parlor. In addition, most of the Hand and Stone massage outlets are strategically placed and attracts relatively large client base and an expanded market share.

Product Performance Standards

The Hand and Stone massage establishment has a very unique selling preposition given the high quality services offered by the establishment.

Distribution Performance Standards

The various outlets of the Hand and Stone massage parlors are well distributed in most urban centers and offers similar service quality at the request of the customers.

IMC (promotion) Performance Standards

The Hand and Stone massage company will use both the print and online media in promoting the services offered. Through a viable ICT Department, the firm will make use of the social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter to further reach out to the consumers.

Informal Controls
Employee Self-control

A highly motivated and satisfied workforce at the Hand and Stone massage parlor outlets implies quality service provision, and, therefore, increased sales. The company shows confidence in their employees and allows them to explore their talents without any limit depending on personal expectations and goals. Per se, the level of commitment among the employees to quality service delivery will increase tremendously. For instance, the marketing plan encourages the workforce to set their personal work objectives to be in line with those of the establishment and work towards the implementation of the plan.

Employee Cultural Control

The Hand and Stone massage parlor encourage its employees to be more responsible both in and outside the entity and to uphold higher social and behavioral standards. The employees are expected to adhere to certain values and behavioral norms that are in line with the core values of the business entity, for instance, prompt service delivery to the clients. Correspondingly, the employees are encouraged to desist from negative behavioral norms within and outside the workgroups.

Cultural Control

The Hand and Stone massage entities has a strong organizational culture of quality service provision that they endeavor to maintain through a proper implementation of this marketing plan. A comprehensive plan that is crucial in helping new employees to deal with a organizational cultural changes is already in place. For instance, due to the strong culture of performance and prompt service the delivery, the employees are expected to be more ready to carry out the implementation of the marketing plan.

Marketing Audits

The marketing manager together with an external auditor at the Hand and Stone massage parlor is responsible for the monitoring of the marketing plan strategies. As one of the control in the marketing plan, the feedback and views of the customers will be ascertained through frequent surveys and polls in the market to help determine the impact of the company’s marketing activities.