Sample Term Paper on Global Cooperation Council Business

Energy sector is among the top sectors in the economy of any country. The gulf region is popular in the production of energy resources and such. The Arab gulf has heard major changes and effect on the world economy considering the commodities that are produced from energy. The renewable and non renewable resources of energy are the wide divisions’ energy is produced and supplied in. oil is the major raw material in the general process of energy production. Discovery of oil in the Middle East countries with combined efforts of the six Arab Gulf States including Iran and the United Arab Emirates led to significant changes in the world economy and generally the international business.

Over time while on Oil business in the gulf, ideas penetrated of advancement to improve energy this was partly due to the pressure of depleting resources mainly due to increased population in the gulf. A renewable source of energy was thus an important aspect to look in to for future energy sources. Although the states in the gulf work together and have almost the same budgets, most but not all have currently made significant moves towards setting up huge plants for this source of energy the solar. This paper describes operations of a major company in the Gulf region that has investments in energy, its operations in relation to Iran and Singapore on the product they aim to get in to the market. The paper evaluates the capabilities of the company and recommends the strategies for it to penetrate the market in these two countries.

The traditional economic activities for instance in United Arab Emirates were done away with suddenly after this discovery of a natural resource. The region rapidly turned wealthy because of this natural resource. Proper organized business and enhancement of international business can be directly linked to enormous income and increasing revenues to the parties involved. The Arab gulf being the owner of this resource had no option but to turn to modern lives and improve their infrastructures and general systems of government and the economy. (Peng & Mike, 2011)

Monetary policies and licenses on small business are opened up and encouraged by the government after exposure in the early process of such a natural resource that can be directly linked with economical gains. Modernization of the systems therefore had the traditional activities and cultures done away with time. The basic systems that run in a country for instance education system were much influenced and affected both negatively and positively by these modern trends in all sectors of the economy. Modernization directly involves communication and technology advancements in a system where manual works are replaced with efficient machines which helps to easily accomplish the tasks in offices and various sectors of the economy but at the same time is one major factor that leads to unemployment. Communication advancements involve the mediums in which the information is relayed to the recipients, the speed, security and reliability of the messages being relayed. Communication usually goes hand in hand with technology; technological tools such as the Internet are effectively used in implementing basic aspects of communication processes. In education, research is a major aspect in the learning process especially at advanced levels in the various fields of education where the students at this stage are required to undertake most of the course work on their own. Libraries have been the only source of information for researches but in the modern world with the Internet that has various such engines with educational material and other components, research is much easier. (Peng & Mike, 2011)

The hustle that people under go through in the libraries in such of information has been a major concern in the education field over the years. As much as libraries are organized and divided into sections considering the various fields of study, the numbers of books considering the number of authors in a particular field of study are many. In research, the learner searches for specific information concerning the field of study having the fact that the more one advances in an area of study, the smaller and finer the topics of study, involves details, hence researchers going into libraries are in for details out of the many materials available in the libraries.

The Internet search engines comprising of various materials in the education field has saved a lot of time for this people and generally made the research work easy. Studies in the current world can be carried out easily at home comfort with several results at a click of a button on any topic of study. The learning process has been made easy and convenient where students do not have to attend the classes physically, online classes that have come up all supported by various companies on the Internet platform. Other than the education systems, international business and trading, in general, have benefited in the modern era, the communication and technology advancements. The barriers to trading have been broken by these communication mediums. Language barriers and different currencies in various parts of the world that delayed and hindered  effective business among states have been made much easier, for instance accounting and quick books software that quickly does the enormous calculations for accountant and thus fast and decision making on major issues of the economy considering time is an important aspect in business. Tools that support teleconferencing on the Internet are among the popular inventions of technology. International companies undertaking businesses together do not have to incur initial extra expenses of traveling which may be a waste if the deal is not sealed as expected. Meetings can be scheduled at particular agreed times by the parties involved in say a negotiation considering the time differences in working hours of countries in different regions of the world.

The oil extraction and energy business is historically popular business in the gulf region. Al though not all the states in this region are involved, a number of the majority are in the business including the United Arab States, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Kuwait are all involved in this. These countries in a business association referred to as the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) have specialized in production of gas and general sources of energy, being the largest players and thus key players in this sector of the economy in the world. The Gulf Cooperation Council members are all targeting an increase in the percentage of energy produced in the country by ten percent; this means an increase in revenue for the gulf region which is at least double the costs incurred in increasing units in the production process. The main aim of this business association of these states is to change completely to production from only the renewable sources of energy. The region has the potential to increase the production by almost half the percentage produced in the last decade, they have an advantage with the land the gulf region is located. The topography of their land has potential of receiving direct and powerful solar rays, tapping of this energy that hits the gulf region land per day can be able to develop and run large solar power plants hence high production of energy. Among the sources of energy, solar is the most reliable and effective renewable source of energy especially in the gulf region who have an advantage of the region’s topography.

            Saudi Arabia is working on a project of a huge plant for solar heating in one of their major cities, Ruyadh, Dubai. In addition, it is constructing an approximated 1GW solar park among the developments in the region which shows that the region is undergoing a revolution in their business, a focus to protect the environment by turning to the single and abundant renewable source of energy, solar. The regions topography proximity to the advantage of receiving such amount of energy from the solar also gives them easy access to other resources because of the environment which includes
geothermal and wind resourcesgeothermal and wind resources
. The modernity of the region also can be directly linked to the high population in the various states. Population usually increases rapidly in growing areas in the direction of modernity. Urban centers with well established systems are always full of opportunities especially for skilled manpower. Developments often start by infrastructure where the government usually concentrates on public services and public institutions. Improving and construction of more advanced schools, upgrading the systems to match the standards of the wealthy community and citizens who silently demand this from the various administrations involved in development projects.

Each season in the education system and field for instance, new students come in to the region aiming to further their studies in the institutions of higher learning while the ones who graduate from the universities in the area will stay around demanding for jobs in the system. The government and administration of the states are pressured to control all this growing population with various wants and needs from the relatively slow growing economy. Although the economy is growing fast, when compared to the population sharing the available resources the rate of growth is relatively lower. Improved health care systems also lead to increased birth rates, availability of food, proper and reliable health systems also contribute to a population increase in a community. When people have the assurance of survival of the kids with a stable economy, there is no fear of having large families. Generally, developments and modernization often leads to general increase of population in a community, like in the gulf region. The growth of population in this Arab gulf led to pressure and strain in the fuel resources from natural fossils, this also was part of the reason that helped the minds in the Arab gulf to consider renewable sources of energy and invest in it fully.

The investments towards this direction of the reliable renewable source of energy solar have however not been uniform in the countries. The shift towards solar although is an ongoing procedure with the full target of implementation being by the year 2020, the state members of the Global Cooperation Council should extend their marketing and awareness campaigns to the countries of Singapore and Iran. Although Iran is among the countries in the Arab gulf, energy used in the country is mainly generated out of the natural fossils to produce the fuel that is used in the country. Solar production and efforts towards this direction of using these renewable sources of energy are minimal compared to the investments on development projects aiming at this source of energy in its counterparts in the likes of Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates (UAE). The Singapore state on the other hand is completely behind on the development and investments towards a change in the source of energy produced in the region.

Marketing and awareness on this aspect of change should be directed towards the region of the Singapore state and its neighboring states. Energy is an important aspect in a country’s economy. Energy that transforms in to power in the form of electricity runs all the sectors of economy in a country, other than lighting and cooling of items that require this power, security in the modern world largely depends on electricity from whichever source. A proper system of securing the natural resources and various aspects in a nation that builds the economy is dependent on power. Running of the security cameras and several other machines including the fire alarms cannot be effective and work efficiently. Singapore as matter of fact is vulnerable on critical elements on administration of a country, the security departments and records that are confidential stored in their systems are vulnerable to lose and distortion because of this lapse in the energy source.

There is need for the Arab gulf through the Global Cooperation Council to market and help this country have reliable supply of energy by marketing and emphasizing on the need of renewable source of energy. The production of energy is a huge business practice in the Arab gulf region; the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) is among the numerous numbers of companies involved in production of the energy and supply in the international market. International business does not only benefit the parties involved economically but also promotes international cohesion and creates a friendly relationship among the nations worldwide hence global peace. The ADNOC works hand in hand with the Supreme Petroleum Council (SPC) that is responsible for running all operations including setting and determining objectives and policies of this company in Abu Dhabi.

The VRIO framework is among several other tools important in setting up of strategies and general decision making for instance it can be used to predict  and compare performance of different companies and go ahead to come up with  proper effective solutions, after considerable efforts on problem solving procedures. This strategic scheme framework is generally used to evaluate the capabilities and all the resources of a firm, in this case the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC). The frame work operates in four, the main focus on which it is based upon in the evaluation process of a firm. Value, this examines whether or not a firm or business organization by using the resources it has can be able to exploit an arising opportunity or more so deal with an external threat, value describes the firm’s capability on its threats and opportunities considering the resources an organization possesses. Rarity is about the control of the resource.

In energy, this renewable resource of solar is natural, ADNOC for instance as an oil company targeting to venture in renewable source of solar energy does not have the capability to control this natural resource, neither of the companies has this capability hence equal measures on basis of control. Imitability basically addresses the issue on duplication of a resource and the cost implications if a firm tries to develop. Imitation of this resource that is focused on is difficult however much experienced company is, for instance ADNOC can try to use the advancements in technology, it is difficult to imitate. The last component of the frame work is organization, where the firm is evaluated on its current status on whether it is capable, ready and ready enough with its resources to fully exploit and capture the value that is in the resource for instance solar energy.

The main barriers to trade in these countries are the policies imposed on international business by the individual country’s administrations. Iran and the Arab gulf countries especially the countries in the Global Cooperation Council have no problem of communication and exchange of currency which is the most common barrier among countries, Iran is however disadvantaged politically ((Richter & Tobias, 2012)). The rapid changing administrations and unstable government faced with challenges of differences among the top officials in the country pushes away investors and interested partners in other countries to exploit the resources in the country bearing the fact that it is within the boundaries of the Arab gulf.

The environment and topology being a free advantage to this nation which is currently underlying as it cannot be exploited due to too much unnecessary politics, therefore, uncertainties of business future. Change of established systems and lack ODF control of the government over such free natural resources hence numerous private investors interested in the resource cannot agree to share. ADNOC is facing fair but stiff competition in Dubai and thus finds it difficult to exploit such underlying resources in Iran as an external party.

The Abu Dhabi National Oil Company therefore requires an entry strategy into the Iran country and gain control of this resource. I would recommend a proper and powerful marketing and awareness program starting from neighboring Iran countries that slowly fits into the Iranian system. Capture of the main system in Iran which is the government by help of powerful nations and presenting the offer as a member Global Cooperation Council association which is recognized in the region might work best for ADNOC to gain this resource. According to Kazmi et al, 2008 this company has the capabilities basing on experience the company has had over the years in production of oil working with the SPC in implementing various strategies and policies that has helped them remain on top of the world economy in production and supply of oil; ADNOC has control over this commodity not only in the Arab Gulf region but across the globe including nations in Africa despite having the commodity in Nigeria.

Marketing the idea to the high authorities in the country will work best; although they might not currently have the control over the country’s economy only because they lack the strategy and solution of commotion among the super business companies struggling for the resource. ADNOC should employ various marketing strategies that will be able to convince the government of Iran to shift their focus from their current source of energy towards solar. The citizens and major economy players in the country are not much aware of the potential the country has towards this source of energy. ADNOC success and major change in their line of business is dependent on their efforts and success in exploiting this opportunity of penetrating the market of Iran energy. The government of Iran buys to this idea it as a double benefit for them, peace in the nation where they will be able to stabilize as a government because the forces that are fighting will come to a realization of little benefit in the resource of natural fossils which the major source of energy is the country at the moment. Investment on major development projects that includes setting up of solar plants and sensitization of the whole nation on the potential they have on their land to capture a considerable amount of solar energy will work best for them. (Kazmi et al, 2008)

Other than regaining power from the energy producing companies that currently cause commotion in the country of Iran that seems to have no set systems of governance; the government of Iran will have financial gain. This is an enormous investment into the country that automatically leads to increase in revenue. On the other hand the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company should be smart enough to place this offer for the government as a priority over the other players in the Iran energy production business. Getting such a critical offer with private investors with a foreign country risks the country’s peace and stability, the ADNOC company management and the Dubai nation as a whole will face major criticisms from the world community and especially the ethics and conducts committee of the Global Cooperation Council which is highly against such practices among nations in business, promoting peace is prime among the objectives of this association in the Arab gulf.

 ADNOC should probably employ several strategies in bringing an organization’s product in this case offer on investment that comes to partnership with the Iranian government on the production of energy using solar as the main source. The marketing mix is best defined by the popular four P’s; product or service, place, price and promotion. Product basically involves assessing the consumers’ needs, what they really want and how they want it presented to them and the kind of details they prefer in a product. The place is where the consumers of the target product consumers like to purchase from and how they do it. Promotion mainly involves making critical decisions on when to make awareness of the product, how to reach the target audience. The competitors’ moves are considered in promotion to determine how the consumers reacts to competitors moves on the same. Price determination depends on whether there exists a previous value or if it is a new product like in Iran which. Before setting up price for instance ADNOC should consider price offers by competitors to be able to win the Iranian government and should consider discounts to and all means to seal a deal with this government. (Richter & Tobias, 2012)

Marketing in the two countries involve completely different strategies because of the conditions and locations of the two countries. Singapore has proper and stable administration the focus of marketing is more than awareness. In Singapore competition is high and therefore the best offer from the competing business companies of which ADNOC is among will win. On the contrary in Iran where the strategies start from awareness of the solar energy idea which might not have been presented earlier by another company other than ADNOC and therefore have the advantage of shining a light to this Iranian government. Conditions in the administration of the country are the cause of staying in the dark because investors and business proposers shy away but a risk by ADNOC is worth.

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