Sample Presentation Paper on Speech

Ladies and gentlemen,

It is my pleasure to present to you this progress report highlighting the developments that have occurred in Somalia over the last three months. First, may I, on behalf of the Somali people, confer my appreciation to the international community for the support that it has extended to Somalia during this delicate process of nation-building. The support of the UN and the AU has been instrumental in helping to stabilize the country, giving hope to the Somali people of a secure, harmonious and prosperous future. After many years of anarchy and lawlessness, Somalia is on the verge of establishing a united nation with a stable central government. It is the hope of the Somali people that the international community will stand with the country in this challenging period to secure the future of the nation and ensure that the momentum towards unity and peace does not dissipate. Somalia is going through a historical moment and we must all play our part to ensure that the sacrifices that have been made to get this process here are not in vain. In this report, I shall focus on two important pillars in the stabilization of Somalia. These are

  1. The national assembly and
  2. The United Nation Mission in Somalia (UNISOM)
  3. The national assembly

Somalia approved a provisional constitution in August 2012 when 600 delegates drawn from Somalia’s various tribes voted to adopt the constitution (Sahan Journal n.p.). The Somali national assembly, an institution embedded in the constitution, plays a crucial role of oversight over the executive and helping to increase accountability in the conduct of public affairs (Yusuf n.p.).The Somali national assembly is now playing a crucial role in mediating disputes between the presidency and the office of the prime minister, and acting as a moderating influence on the decision-making process. The national assembly is crucial in the formation of an inclusive Somalia because it brings into the national scene representatives from all of the Somali tribes. There is need to support the national assembly and equip with the necessary institutional capacity that can help it to effectively carry out its functions. The Somali people have chosen to follow a democratic path in forming a new nation state. The democratic experience for Somalia is a new one and hence there will always be challenges in the formative stages of this process. However, we should not lose focus of the bigger picture and of the need to support this process to allow Somali people to make a determination about their future in the spirit of the New Deal Somali Compact.

The fiscal regime of Somalia is becoming more robust with each preparation of the national budget as the government streamlines revenue collection strategies. Somalia has now established a central bank, a crucial step towards the development of a regulated economy. The national assembly plays an important role in fiscal accountability because all central bank withdrawals must now be approved by the national assembly. In addition, parliament now scrutinizes development and investment projects that the central government enters with international donors and lenders (Brodie, n.p.). This oversight role is essential in ensuring that the Somali people get value from the contracts that the government signs. The national assembly therefore has an important role to play in establishing a stable Somalia and entrenching the rule of law.

  1. The United Nation Mission in Somalia (UNISOM)

Since the collapse of the Siad Barre regime, there had been several attempts to form a central and unified government in Somalia. These attempts had been largely unsuccessful until the intervention of the AU and the establishment of the United Nation Mission in Somalia (UNISOM). The people of Somalia are indebted to UNISOM for the progress made in establishing a stable Somalia with a national federal government. With the help of UNISOM, Somalia has managed to substantially subdue the threat of the terrorist organization Al Shabaab (McConnel n.p.). UNISOM has largely neutralized the Al Shabaab threat, depriving it of territory and the port town of Kismayo, which was an important source of revenue for the organization. UNISOM is an integral partner in the establishment of an integrated Somalia national army. It has been invaluable in facilitating the disarmament and integration of regional militias into the national army as the territory under the control of the national government increases.

However, a military solution cannot in itself help to pacify Somalia and guarantee sustainable peace in the future. The military process has to go hand in hand with a political process that is inclusive if the gains made in the country are to be sustainable. In this regard, there is an ongoing process to organize national democratic elections in Somalia for the first time in decades. This process is difficult because Somalia currently lacks the institutional capacity to organize credible elections. However, the country is working towards establishing the conditions that will enable the execution of a credible election and the Somali people hope that our international partners will lend their help in this noble endeavor.

Thank you.

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