Sample Paper on Courage


Courage is a treasured personality trait. It forms the basis of a true leader both at home, in the office or amongst peers. According to Chaya (2009), courageous entail the willingness and confidence to confront a fear, pain, challenge, or tragedy. As the Lebanese’s  most celebrated explorer, mountaineer, and sportsman, Chaya has spread the gospel of positive personality traits such as courage, confidence, humility, and service to humanity. Courage stands out as one of the most admired personality traits in leadership and in building ideal character traits in readiness to conquer fear, challenge, and pain. It is not an attribute reserved only for soldiers, or astronauts, or firefighters, as a team leader, parent, president, or a diplomat, courage form an important aspect necessary to succeed in life. It serves as a foundation for elements such as leading change, encouraging open communication, taking action, having a real conversation, and holding others accountable.

A diplomat, as a representative of a nation or state, has the mandate or duty of protecting the interests of his or her nation. A diplomat is engaged in strategic agreements, treaties, maintaining friendly relations, promoting healthy trade pacts, and helping in solving conflicts through diplomacy. The above functions and responsibilities require an individual with ideal personality trait and courage forms one of the core characteristics necessary for pushing through, enacting, and serving to the best level. Courage forms an  important aspect of international relations and in an engagement that a diplomat may involve in while representing his or her  state or country. It would enable the diplomat exhibit a reasoned temperament, be the strong and effective envoy, build strong and long term mental strength, in addition to cultivating the best policy resilience.

Climbing to my personal Everest is an expedition of personal discovery. As a believer in the journey of life towards a purpose, I have set my personal Everest to be an Ambassador. As a journey, I draw my strength and inspiration to set out as an ambassador from  world leaders, presidents, diplomats, and my parents. In order to savor on my success as an ambassador, I am ready to make commitments, sacrifice, and goals that will guide me towards my Everest. It is a focal point that will require of me to release all the mental, emotional, psychological, physiological baggage that may wear me down. I have set my aims high to mold myself in terms of character and mental strength to adjust and adapt in order to make an achievement of realizing my dream as an ambassador.

As I journey through and to my Everest, I am offering a helping hand to others too on a similar journey to their Everest. I believe my education, character trait, and mental prowess is determined and ready to overcome any sort of resistance and challenge that may come my way. It is a resolve and a goal that I am determined to achieve. As Chaya (2009) puts it, “Achieving your Everest should be a lifelong goal”. It is my determination and resolves to make it come true, to achieve the status of an ambassador and be a representative of my people. I am committed to serving humanity and showing leadership to the young ones who may look up to me as a mentor or role model.


Courage forms an important element and trait in life. To succeed and achieve one’s goals, it is important to nurture the aspect of courage in life (Helson  & Pals, 2000). It helps in many areas in life, such as leadership, negotiation, and confidence. On the other hand, setting out on the journey of leadership and self-discovery forms an important component of living according to one’s dreams and aspirations.


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