Sample Paper on Answers to Research Questions

Section One: Research Topic

  1. Where is your proposed research situated? Please state most associated academic discipline/disciplines and academic field/fields with your proposed research topic.

The proposed research is situated in the humanities discipline, as it discusses international relations and peace initiatives in a foreign country.

  1. What is a working title of your proposed research?

The Current Political and International Relations in Yemen.

  1. Please write an abstract of your proposed research.

The proposed research seeks to explore the political crisis and international relations matters in Yemen. It will rely on the recent literature by Salisbury to examine the nature of relations between Yemen and Saudi Arabia. Most importantly, it will examine the recent conflicts in Yemen emerging from the different groups.

Section Two: Research Context
  1. Please indicate the state of the literature where your proposed research topic is situated

Numerous literatures exist on the war between Yemen and Saudi Arabia. Moreover, there are past literatures on the nature of political crisis and international relations among the different countries. The research studies on the international relations and war has been consistent, but there are exists gap on the dynamic nature of the research topic.

  1. Who is the leading scholar in the field/on your proposed topic? What is his/her major work (i.e. a title of the book/academic article)?

The leading scholar for the proposed research on crisis in Yemen is Peter Salisbury. In his book “Yemen and the Saudi-Iranian Cold War,”he discusses the crisis facign the Saudi Arabia and Yemen.

  1. Why is your proposed research necessary? Please give the reasons/justification of your proposed research.

The proposed research is important because of the persistent crisis in Yemen that has led to many people to seek refuge in neighboring countries. Thus, the crisis facing Yemen is valid justification for the proposed research.

Section Three: Research Contents
  1. What is your research question?
What is the kind of crisis persistent in Yemen?
 Research sub questions:  Does the current political crisis in Yemen affect the country’s international relations, more with Saudi Arabia?
  1. What is your dependent variable?

International relations, peace, and understanding

  1. What is/are your independent variable/variables?
Persistent crisis such the political crisis
  1. What do you intend to address with the research question?

Based on the research question, I intend to conduct a research to examine the kind of crisis affecting Yemen. If any political crisis present, I will seek to examine the impacts of the political crisis on the international relations. The crisis has also affected the country’s peace and understanding. Thus, the research question will facilitate in-depth analysis of the crisis and its associated impacts on the peace and understanding and international relations.

Section Four: Methodology
  1. What kind of sources/materials do you intend to use for your proposed research?

I will use both the primary and secondary sources of proposed research. The primary sources include the observations and interviews. While, the secondary sources includes internet articles, past literatures, and scholarly books and articles.

  1. Give more detailed information about your sources/materials for your proposed research here.

In terms of primary sources, the observations will involve watching the current crisis from the televisions news. It helps in obtaining first hand information on the nature of crisis facing Yemen. Conducting interviews with political analysts and affected persons are appropriate in obtaining relevant information. On the other hand, the secondary sources include researching information internet articles and posts. Such articles would be useful to gather useful information for the research. Past literatures and books also offers adequate information on the crisis facing the Middle East countries including Yemen.

  1. Why such a methodology is is necessary for your proposed research? Please justify your methodology here.

The proposed research method would use the qualitative research methodology. The main methods of data collection are interviews that rely on views of the respondents. The research does not rely on any numerical data and information. Thus, the reliance on non-numerical information makes the qualitative research methodology more appropriate.

Section Five: Research Potential
  1. Please state the significance of your proposed research.

The proposed research will help in identifying the kind of crisis in Yemen. The understanding of the crisis helps in recommendations better ways of resolving the inherent crisis. It helps to tackle the persistent crisis in Yemen, more so the political crisis. Most importantly, the research would suggest the approaches of Yemen promoting international relations with other countries including Saudi Arabia.

  1. Please indicate any potential limitations in your proposed research.

Some of the potential limitations include the inability to obtain reliable and accurate articles discussing the crisis in Yemen would limit the research. Some of the news article may contain some inaccurate information that might lead to misleading findings. Secondly, the research is subject to subjective bias and errors. It uses subjective information written by individuals. Such errors and bias limits the reliance on the research findings.