Sample Essay on 2011 Libya Civil War Fast Facts

The story focuses on the 2011 civil war in Libya, which degraded the country’s economy and became an issue of concern among global countries. The story tells that the Libyan civil war was perpetrated by resilient rebels from the City of Benghazi, who were against the then existing government of Moammar Gadhafi. The persistence of the rebels made them counter the Libyan forces, and eventually, the rebellion spread to other towns including Tripoli. Moammar Gadhafi made allegations that the Al Qaeda and Osama bin Laden were the masterminds of the rebellions. Most global powerful states tried to find solutions to the civil war, and this included freezing Gadhafi’s assets. There were apprehensions and killings of innocent civilians, perspectives that increased as the war progressed. This prompted the declaration of the Libyan air as a “no-fly zone.”

It is seen that global superpowers provided the rebels with military assistance to overthrow Gaddafi, a move that would bring the war to an end. In retaliation, Gadhafi was unmoved and went ahead to air that he was in a hideout and that no one would find him. Global peace-keeping forces together with the Libyan rebels persistently fought against Moammar’s forces, which were eventually weakened and overpowered.  Several charges were made against the perpetrators of the war, and this was after the international criminal court’s investigation of the incidences that occurred during the war. Gaddafi’s family members such as his son were later apprehended after engaging the peace-keeping forces in a vigorous fight.

The war brought in the spotlight the aspect of global insecurity, which underscored the formulation of policies in the US such as Homeland Security. The latter’s purpose was to offer protection to American citizens within and outside the US. As such, the Libyan civil war demonstrated the implementation of Homeland Security as American citizens were evacuated from Libya and security was tightened at the boundaries of the US.



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