Sample Annotated Bibliography Paper on Cross-cultural comparison of USA and South Korea in estimated rate of organ donation

Article Summary

The studyexamined whether cultural differences between Americans and South Koreans influence their choices regarding organ donation. The study also examinedifcultural differences result from shared perceptions about organ donation. Some of the issues addressed include the role of culture in influencing organ donation decision and the willingness to talk to others about it (Park, et al., 2015).

Survey Method

The study used a survey research method that entailed the use of questionnaires administered to 79 American and 116 South Koreans.


There was a theory, false consensus effect theorywhichposits that people regard their positions and decisions as more important, more prevalent and right as compared to other peoples’ positions and decisions(Park, et al., 2015).The theory is seen to have an effect in the way South Korean and American students perceive and regard their choicesregarding cadaveric organ donation and discussing the decision with their parents.


The study found that there were cultural differences between South Koreans and American students about their willingness to donate organs and discuss the same with their parents. Resultantly, South Koreans were willing to donate their organs but prefer not to discuss it with their parents as opposed to Americans who were less willing to donate and discuss with their parents. Regarding false consensus effect, the study found that those that are willing to donate their organs base their argument on the perception that organ donation is prevalent and is the right choice(Park, et al., 2015).

Relation to Chapter 4

The study affirms that there are cultural differences between South Koreans and Americans.It shows that cultures emanate from shared values and norms, which manifest in a group’s decision as it did of the South Koreans who believe share values about interconnectedness to one another and therefore should donate their organs.




Park, S.H., Yun, D., Oh, Y.J., and Song, C. (2015).Cross-cultural comparison of USA and South Korea in estimated rate of organ donation. Social Behaviour and Personality, 43(10), 1585-1592.