Sample Critical Thinking Paper on the American Dream

What is the American dream? To most people, the answer to that question is that the American dream is a dream about becoming rich. It is that America is already a prosperous and economically well-placed country. All one needs to do is to grab a share by getting involved economically. Indeed that is the meaning that almost everybody, including myself, and especially foreigners, have had in mind-one dreams about economic success, gets into American and it is fulfilled.

Schmidt-Nagel explains the phrase the American Dream as describing such values and social standards as equality of rights, democracy, and wealth Americans, which Americans try to achieve, and that a strong mind is what each individual needs to achieve prosperity and success (6). America is a wealthy and prosperous country. The concept of the American dream is that to share this wealth, everyone has an equal opportunity. The award to each individual depends on the strength of mind to achieve it. The concept does not strictly assume an already existing wealth and economic prosperity; it only emphasizes equal opportunity to everyone for whatever there is. I one works hard, one becomes successful, in America.

One of the success stories of the American dream in terms of the use of one’s strength of mind to achieve success in the promising economic environment-it is the success of the American car model, Ford. The ford car company was founded in 1903 by the American Henry Ford. It was among the very few companies that managed to avoid collapse during the great depression, and today ranks among the top five car manufacturing companies in terms of sales. The success of the company represents the promise the American dream has. There are other more success stories associated with the American dream, two of the most popular being the movie and industry and the tech companies in Silicon Valley.

The above photo represents Model T Ford Field Ambulance. This ambulance was widely used in World War I. It was widely used by the American, French and British in the war.

Two of the concepts encapsulated within the American dream are democracy and human rights and equality. The United States involved itself in the world war. Its main reasons for the involvement in the wars were to defend democracy in foreign lands and to the oppression of people by their governments (Forsythe 274). This spillover of the American dream into foreign lands passes on the message that the American dream is not just for the United States, but also for everyone. The world war fought by the United States and its allies involved the use of the T Ford Model as an ambulance. Here, the ford car is not just seen as a product of the American dream, but as vehicle with which to spread the concept to foreign lands, signaling the onset of the globalization of the American dream.

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