Sample Thesis Paper on Why I Chose This Course

Humanity is the study of human experience and their history. Historical data are collected from their daily activities. Human activities include philosophy, music, art, religion, language, history, and literature. These activities help a researcher in making a relationship between the past and the present situation and experiences that human beings are going through. This means that past knowledge is extremely important in understanding the present conditions as well as predicting the future. This essay provides reasons why I enrolled for humanity course studies. In addition, it shows the interrelations between human activities undertaken in the past with those being carried out in the present.

One of the reasons that influenced my decision in taking a humanity unit was to learn and increase my knowledge about the human acts in relation to their livelihood. Second, to widen my understanding about humanity through philosophical thinking.

Before enrolling for the course, I was aware of a variety of optional courses that were equal to humanity such as financial management and forensic studies. Financial management is concerned with human behavioral aspects in dealing with money. It also focuses on the origin of money (Adjibolosoo 40). Forensic studies on the other hand deals with human activities related to ethics and moral aspect of life. In addition, it tries to make investigative study towards human behavioral attributes.

My selection for humanities of the world one (HUM 2210) was contributed by the aesthetic perspective outlined in this unit. It touches on the cultures of different people by looking at their architectural design, sculpture, music, painting, religion, philosophy, and politics among many other aspects. Humanities of the world II (HUM 2230) on its part represent the modern history. The study is well structured on the idea of historical events that took place during the medieval period to the present 20th century. Some of the issues outlined include social history, literature, music, and visual arts. They characterized the transition period between the present and past cultures in Europe among other countries in the globe. Broad categories of humanity include renaissance humanism, northern humanism, northern ren, religious reformation, and renaissance artists. I am hoping that the class will be beneficial in the attainment of a degree. Moreover, I am looking forward to the acquisition of knowledge. This will not only help me understand the mystery behind human renaissance in Europe but also connect historical events that took place many years back to the present condition. This will act as a stepping-stone for post graduate degree that I plan to undertake in the future.

The study of humanities is one of the basic studies that give us knowledge about human efforts in transforming the world over the years. This is characterized by periodical events that happen in the past. It insinuates that in the event somebody wants to excavate about the past, he or she must study key events encountered by humanities during this period so that a relationship is drawn between the two(International Journal of Social Sciences and Humanity Studies 23). This process also brings out human actions and behaviors that are lead to the outcome of the events. Social welfare is not left behind especially during the 20th century where it contributed to the development of early philosophies. Philosophy represents the act of searching for knowledge. Past philosophies deviate from modern study in the way they presents the medieval period.

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