Sample Research Paper on Why do MSA Capstone Students have a High Incomplete Rate?

This capstone research offers students the opportunity to familiarize themselves with proposal writing. It is recommended that students about to take this course be equipped with information from other relevant courses. Thus, students are expected to have passed a minimum of 12 courses and have attended at least 15 academic hours (Central Michigan University 2012). The acquired information from previous lectures is to assist the students in passing the course and applying relevant methodologies in their profession. The lecturer should also meet the standards laid out by the institution. This seems not to be the case as barely half of the students enrolled in 1997 completed the first semester. This is in spite of the variety of races and diversity of the students (CMU 2005). It is besides clear that the half the population had the same instructor and that finances were not the main obstacle. In addition, every student completed at least 21 academic hours. Not all the first initial courses laid out were completed. Half the students who began in 1997 did not even complete the first semester. Questions are arising as to whether they understood the essentials of this course, their competencies and that of their instructor is besides questionable.

Research Question:
Do the students understand what they study?
  1. Do the students understand the meaning and requirements of MSA Capstone?
  2. Are the students able to gather previous and present information according to what has been shared by the lecturers?
  • Are the students able to apply the relevant methodologies in the subject?
  1. What are the competencies of the lecturer who has been taking the students through the lectures related to MSA Capstone?
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