Sample Research Paper on the Recruitment and Selection Process


The purpose of the human resource management in any Organization isdirected towards everything that relates to the employees. In nearly all organizations, whether profit or non- profit oriented, it takes care of issues that regard the most relevant and important docketin any business; employees. Human resource Management has to combat the challenges that any business presents to give the Organization the best of its most important resource. Employees are the resources in which every employer is supposed to fully invest. Such is seen in the close scrutiny of the aspects that involve the workforce at British Airways. It is one of the biggest and most devoured for good services in the Air transport business.

1.1. The role and purpose of human resource management in British Airways

The Human Resource Management at British Airways is charged with the responsibilities that relate to the employees. The department’s is charged with doing everything that will ensure the workforce is inspiring, talented and rewarding.To achieve this, the Human Resource Management at the airport hires, trains, organizes, motivates and dismisses the staff. Overtime, there are positions in the Company that need to be filled, others that need replacement because of the dismissal process and there are also those in need of assistanceDecenzo, Robbins, & Verhulst, 2013.After a proper evaluation of these positions, the HRM in British Airways advertises with all the necessary job details and performs the interviewing process. The ones who qualify are then rigorously trained for their different positions under the supervision of this department. Besides, HRM in the leading Airport oversees all the discipline and conduct of the employees. It facilitates knowledgehow they are supposed to carry themselves, what would warrant a lack of good conduct and how every issue pertaining to the opposite should be handled. The conditions under which the airport staff can be dismissed are also stipulated and enforced by HRM in this organization. It is a body that hears all the complaints that relate to the Organization and determines how they are solved. Moreover, the department facilitates promotions, salaries offers and the different Job descriptions in every department. In in this case, the HRM analyses and evaluates the jobs of all the employees within British Airways and fosters a roster on how they should be paid, promoted or whether they should be moved to other departments. In essence, the HRM department can be termed as the source of stability for the Airline because it reviews and comprehensively analyses all personnel files in relation to performance and the workforce is what makes the Airline successful.

1.2.A human resources plan based on an analysis of supply and demand for British Airways

British Airways has famed for being the largest and most profitable airline in the world. Part of this success has been attributed to the management’s strategic planning under the influence of economic advisers. The recent strategy developed by the Organization has to do with the world population. The airline noted that from 2010, the World population increased by over30%. What this situation entailed was the increase of passengers by half this percentage, and, therefore, the demand for flights. The World population censor was further noted to have statistics that the population of the world would raise by nearly half by the year 2030. In essence, most of the population in the European Society will be using the already famous airline and this would mean that the demand for its flights is going to be twice what it is at the moment. With this in mind, the management of the airline incorporated the brilliance of the Human Resource department and came up with a flight increment plan that would need more staff. The increase in the number of flights is estimated to meet the rising consumer demand by more than 20%. With such numbers, the recruitment process for the airline is expected to begin anytime because of the anticipated arrival of new passengers. There would, therefore, be an increased demand for the services of aircraft stuff and the supply would be undoubtedly met in the recruitment and training process. The Human Resource management in the company is the body that would make all of these plans possible. The British Airways Chief economist, DeAnne Julius, had this ambition of substantially increasing the number of flights in the world class airline but that never materializedMoyer, 2014. However, there are current developments and plans in this regard and they are set to materialize by the end of 2015. The increment in the flights available and passengers would urgently demand the employment of many workers. The project will, therefore, involve the active participation of the Human Resource Management department if it is bound to be successful.

2.1. The current state of employment relations in British Airways

The employment relations in British Airways exist in the Organization’s employee code that the members of the workforce have to agree with before they are hired. The code discusses issues that directly relate to the interaction, communication, the process of conflict resolution and so forth. Ideally, the Organization in question exists under a free-rein kind of leadership in terms of communication policy where all the employees are allowed relay information to the HRM department without fear or skeptics. The document outlines this process as being the use of heads of department who bring any concern to the eminent attention of the management team that will assess it and provide solutions. However, the employees are allowed to arrange meetings with the Human Resource management in matters that are considered personal or confidentialBlyton& Turnbull, 2000. Most organizations would find this procedure too flexible because it allows the employees a lot of access to the Human Resource Management. However, such a style of free communication is important for innovativeness, motivation and the growth of the organization. When it comes to the handling and resolution of conflicts, the organization has put in place a committee inside the Human Resource department that listens and files problems. The committee is under a legal obligation to foster free communication with the employees and to keep all matters inside the walls of the Organization. Also, the management has established a rapport with its employees through discussion forums in which ideas; workplace decisions and the like are brought to its attention. The employees have a chance to participate in the decision making of the company since these forums are a place where everything is aired.

2.2. How employment law affects the management of human resources in British Airways

Pursuant to the United Kingdom Employment Act, there are legal rules that adversely affect the management of the workforce in the British Airways. The laws are in respect of issues relating to the hiring and firing of employees, discrimination, work place conditions, payments, and so forthWilton, 2011. A woman caused a scandal for the airline when she sued it because it did not allow her to wear her white veil to work and was subsequently fired. She brought a suit under wrongful termination and claimed that the airline targeted her because of her religious beliefs. The scandal was an issue of public relations where many saw the airline as having bias view against the religion of its workers. To avoid such scandals, the British Airways HRM department has to put up with many problems emanating from the conduct of employees when they should be fired.  An example is where an individual cannot be dismissed from work because of their race, disability, sex or place of origin. The laws make it hard for the department to ensure that the workforce is rewarding to the Organization and to eliminate any resources that are not beneficial. The management is hindered in its duty towards that organization because its hands are time when it comes to handling most cases that relate to employees. The laws sometimes differ with what is available in the code of conduct and that makes the situation unbearable. The HRM department always finds itself in a difficult position where there is the risk of the Airline being sued courtesy of employment law.

3.1. Job description in Selected Service Industry and Person Specification

Air traffic controllers in the British Airways are responsible for ensuring that there is no congestion in the air thus providing safety. They ensure that all the planes arrive and depart at the time they are meant to. They use signals to track the positions of the Aircrafts and ensure that there is no traffic in the air to avoid collision.  They keep the planes safe by providing an efficient and easy route for each of them through monitoring signaling and communication between the pilots and the control center. In addition, they deal with the landing systems of the airline and ensure that the process goes smoothing and the landing line remains open. Air traffic controllers in British airways provide the clearance for when the aircrafts are landing or taking off through a comprehensive communications system. They also give guidance to the pilots on how the traffic is, where they should pack and so forth. The work done by this cohort is important for the safety of the airlines, which would otherwise crashHaine, 2000. Moreover, they provide the relevant information about the weather conditions and warn the aircrafts of any dangers. Air traffic controller need to have an academic degree in aviation, be of legal age and of the right mental capacity that is subject to examination by a health professional. In addition to this, the individuals need to have a high knowledge of information technology. The reason is that it is mandatory for communication and controlling the aircraft which is the fundamental for description for their jobs.  Other skills that are needed are an ability to observe well, fluent communication, and being calm under pressure.

3.2. Comparison of the Job Selection Process

The selection process at the British Airways is rigorous and entails a lot of interviews. In British Airways, the first process involves the candidates being subjected to an eligibility testBritish Airways, 2009. In this test, all applications are reviewed and those who have the minimum requirements are selected while the ones that do not are sent home. The remaining candidates are then given a Spatial and diagrammatical test that is meant to find out how good they are in applying the class knowledge. After that, a written test that includes the general aspects related to the job description is given to determine if the candidates understand the scope of what is expected of them. British Airways then conducts a comprehensive interview that seeks to test the interpersonal and communication skills that the candidates possess because they are mandatory for what they would do. They are then made to go through a practical test that places them in an environment similar to that of the Job they are expected to do and tested on their application of the knowledge they gained through books. British Airways always trains its staff before they are officially recruited and that is the same thing that happens to the air traffic control candidates that pass the practical tests. They undergo training for six months and are them assimilated into the system. The same scenario is what happens at the Aberdeen Airline with the exception of the fact that candidates do not do a written test. They are gauged on the academic level they achieved and the skills they possess. Then, they are trained and incorporated into the system. The same applies to London City Airport with the exception of the fact that the interviews are carried out in two parts before the candidates are given a chance for training.

4.1. The need for training and Development

Airlines operate under a lot of scrutiny that requires them to perform extremely well in all angles so that they can deliver good services to their customers. . Every area or department carries out a specific detailed duty that needs perfection for all to go well. The safety of any aircraft depends of the duties that are carried out by the staff that needs to be impeccable in its performance. For this to be achieved, the staff needs to be well-trained and imparted with all the needed skills. The training process is imperative to how the employees perform and the safety of the aircraftCartwright, 2003. Also, the training is meant to equip the staff with the skills they need for disaster management and emergency moment.


As evidenced in the above discussion, the Human Resource Management is expected to do a lot when it comes to the most important investment that any Organization has; employees. The importance of this department is highlighted through a close look at what it does for British Airways. The selection process is made possible by the expertise the department offers and that is what makes it one of the most successful Airlines. . Many organizations look up to the HRM department for guidance on all issues relating to the employees who are essential to the performance of any organization. British Airways is just one example of what happens in employee hiring, firing and so forth.


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