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Sample Research Paper on Human Resources Management for the Service Industry

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Sample Research Paper on Human Resources Management for the Service Industry


   Organizations as well as the recruiting managers face an uphill task in the recruitment, development and in maintaining employees who are committed, competent, motivated and well managed, who are able to offer high quality products/services to the pool of customers who transacts with such organizations. The human resources department is mainly tasked with various roles that includes staffing, employee compensation as well as work designation which are all geared towards maximizing the productivity of the organization by making sure that the employees are effective in their undertakings. All in all, the basic mission of the human resources department will always revolve around acquiring, developing, and retaining talents through aligning the workforce with the business thus providing excellence. The human resources managers acts as strategic partners in the growth and continuation of the business plan of the organization. For the sake of this assignment, the service sector that will be discussed is the airline industry with a bias on Ryanair airlines that operates within the United Kingdom service industry. Under the report, the first part of the assignment will try to address the stipulated roles and purpose of the human resources management. Further, the justification of the human resources plan in the airline will be discussed based on the analysis of supply and demand of labor in the designated airline. The state of employment regarding the selected service industry will also be highlighted, putting emphasis on the employment laws and their effects of the management of the human resources. To elaborate this, a job description for a specific job will be developed so that it could be compared with other descriptions and specifications from other service sectors. Finally, the impact of training and development will be evaluated in relation to the effectiveness of   the airline’s operations.

Task 2.1 Analyze the role and purpose of human resource management (HRM) in a selected service industry

The human resources managers place a key role in the success of any organization. In the airline industry, HRM undertakes the role of job analysis. This entails working with other airline departments to identify the employment opportunities available and to define the responsibilities associated with such posts. This includes the skills required as well as the experience necessary to undertake such kind of a job. Job analysis is therefore a fundamental part of HRM as it provides information regarding jobs, training needs, wage determination among other key decisions. At the same time, the department undertakes the management roles of staffing and management of personnel flow within the organization. HRM also acts as an advocator by ensuring that the airline provides a conducive working environment where people can work properly having the necessary motivation (Kleynhans, R. 2006, 64). 

It is the responsibility of the HRM to ensure that performance appraisals are made. By undertaking performance appraisals, the airline is able to identify the weak points in their employees working system and are therefore able to provide feedback and remedial to any performance index. In this, they may reward good performance with promotions and pay increases. Another important purpose and role of the human resources management in the airline industry entails conducting training programs to the employees (Kumar, R. 2011, 5). As the technology changes, new human resources issues emerge including public relations. It is therefore the responsibility of the human resources department to undertake research I order to determine the training needs of the employees. The trainings may be tailored to meet different categories of employees in the work setting.

Task 1.2 Justify a human resources plan based on an analysis of supply and demand for a selected service industry business

Human resources planning entails the assessment of the current and future needs of the organization and creating a schedule that can be evaluated, executed, controlled and monitored. The human resource plan for the Ryanair airline based on the analysis of demand and supply for labor can represented as follow.

Scope and integration – thisprocess occurs when the organization deems it possible to come up with strategies of meeting its goals and objectives. It may have been triggered by a shortfall of employees, expansion of the business or other factors that may prompt the organization to reevaluate its mission and objectives.

Analysis of demand helps the organization to evaluate the need for increasing its workforce by experiencing some deficits in the performanceof the existing employees of a shortage of them. The supply analysis on the other hand helps the organization determine its capability and the need to increase its employees. Once the demand and supply is undertaken, an environmental scan is done to verify if the required resources will be available. A gap analysis is therefore undertaken to source for the potential candidate who will be employed to fill the vacant positions. The target group is therefore identified including the required competencies and qualifications. Job applications are invited and potential candidates are invited for the selection process. After selection, the selected candidates are absorbed by the organization whereby training and development is done to orient the candidates with the new working atmosphere.

Task 2.1Assess the current state of employment relations in a selected service industry

Employee relations is a key area that the human resource management tackles. If therelationship between employees and or with the management of an organization is not functioning well, the organization may face crisis as a result of conflict and misunderstandings among the various departmental employees. Employee relations department therefore ensures that there is a cordial employee to employee relations, thereby enabling a collective working environment whereby increased morale, motivation, productivity and effectiveness are achieved (Brunstein, I. 1995, 142). Employee relations therefore ensures that issues relating to the employees working environment are addressed. There are elements of an ideal employee relationship that includes distinguishing the contractual and the statutory employment rights of the employees, discrimination in employment, regulation of the working time, termination of the employment contract and the enforcement of the contractual employment rights (Bruce, A. 2006, 276). This being the case, and referring to the airline Ryanair airline, the employee’srelation aspect can be observed win the airline setting, and contributing greatly to the success of the airline. The employee relations leads to various positive outcomes including employee motivation and productivity, job satisfaction, employee’s performance, as well as the overall company excellence as depicted in the execution of its core objectives. It is therefore important to ensure that there exist good employee relationship within the airline industry.

Generally speaking, the employees’ relation status at Rynair airline is satisfactory despite the common crisis and issues that face many airlines and the industry. This fact is cautiously noted since, there exist no perfect relation even in the world class organizations. Rynair airline has a well elaborated contractual rights and so are their employment rights. This fact is generally known by all players in the service sectors and those which adheres to labor laws or those who do not want the intervention of the state for violating and infringing the employment laws. When hiring, the organization follows a laid down procedure that recognizes all legal requirements. In addition, all airlines closely follows the employment laws in regard to employment ad termination of employment. All in all, the airline being a low cost player has ensured that there is transparency in its operations. This helps the organization by assuring them that their welfare is being looked at. This has helped the employees to work with sure freedom owing to the fact that they work within certain set framework as stipulated in the employment contract. From this observation it can therefore be argued that Ryanair has a good employee relation.

Task 2.2 Discuss how employment law affects the management of human resources in a selected service industry business

Employment relations act and the employments rights act are two acts that have been designed to protect the interests of the employees and the employers. Under them, good employee-employer relationship is maintained. Under the employment relations act, the employee is deemed to be working with an independent contractor and it stipulates among other things the duties and obligations that the employer have over the employees, the employees roles, termination of the employment contract, CBAs (collective bargaining agreements), strikes and personal grievances. On the other hand, the employment act has been designed to indicate the employment particulars, payment of wages, disclosures as well as detriments, time off and other employee affairs that may affect the working capability including redundancy, employer insolvency, suspensions, childcare, maternity and paternity leave among other conditions.

The company has devised strategies that aims at achieving competitive advantage through it’s the human resource department. This includes high productivity and cost reductions in the payroll. This ensures high productivity as well as high employees’ satisfaction. To achieve this, the company has ensured that all legal employment issues are tackled as the law says. In particular, the company has ensure that the employment relation act and the employment rights act are applicable in all their employment undertakings. This helps them operate ethical practices, thereby avoiding illegal undertakings in their operations. Another worthwhile point to note is the fact that the airline has allowed its employees to engage in union activities. This fact helps the employees and ensures employees security through having a collective bargaining agreement and conflict resolution mechanism. This has also ensured the employees freedom. There are statutory requirements that requires employees to work or rest on certain days. This in itself poses challenge to the human resources department as they have to align with the legal requirements regarding the number of days to work. Holiday issues and overtime among other gender issues are some of the employment laws that affects the management of human resources in the airline. Gender issues and equal employment opportunities are other issues that affects service industries, the airline however has implemented the equal opportunity act in their employment policies and therefore it is able to address any issue that may arise as a result of dispute in equal opportunity in the organization.

3.1 Discuss a job description and person specification for a selected service industry job

A job description is a document that describes the nature of a job, its content, job summary as well as other specifications that relates to the job (Deb, T. 2006, 106). It follows a specified process that entails collecting the background information of the job, collecting the job analysis data, developing the job description, and specifications (BOHLANDER, G. & SNELL, S. 2004, 144). The job description of a client relationship personnel at the Ryanair airline would entail a job summary which indicates the purpose of the job advertisement which includes to assist the clients in their travel plans so as to ensure that their reservations, flight information and luggage’s, are addressed and handled on time. The key responsibilities includes checking  and selling of the airline tickets and booking new reservations, checking the clients luggage and locating lost client luggage, assisting the passengers access their seats as well as assisting in the announcements concerning delays in flights, overbookings and boarding. The selected person should be reporting to the customer relationship manager. The job specifications requires a person who is 18years and above, have a minimum of a high school diploma. The successful candidate should have prior experience in customer handling and willing to work under strenuous conditions while at the same time maintaining sense of professionalism. The successful candidate must mass the medical and background checks.

Task 3.2 Compare the selection process of different service industries businesses

The Selection process aims at identifying the best candidates whose skills and experiences match the advertised position (Gatewood, R., Feild, S., & Barrick, R., 2011, 10). Most of the selection processes undergoes various steps that include interviews (oral, written, or psychometric) and presentations. Any selection process is determined by the nature of the position advertised, and the technique to be used is dependent on the qualifications of the position. This being the case, advanced positions will require advanced competencies while simple and low level positions will call for low level competences. At the ryanair airline, pilots and engineers selections would require more competencies as compared to other positions.

Comparing the selection of the rynair airline with others in the service industry, it is important to note that the procedure for selection differ from one organization to the other and from industry to industry. This being the case, different companies will employ different selection processes based on the job description of the advertised position. 

Task 4.1 Assess the contribution of training and development activities to the effective operation of a selected service industry business

Training and development is very fundamental in determining the effectiveness of the organization. It is only through training that the employees are able to learn new techniques, they are also able to know how to execute certain duties that may be unknown or new to them. This being the case, it is worthwhile saying that training and development has a lot of impact on the productivity, safety as well as personal development and mental health of the employee. The airline employees are faced with multiple tasks including emergency management, routine maintenance, and clienthandling among others. Through training, the airline is able to create an effective workplace through increasing the productivity of the workforce. By training the employees, ryanair is able to help employees and other responsible persons to handle their departments effectively thus achieving contributing to the effectiveness of the airline. At the same time, training and development helps employees to increase their knowhow and attain expertise in their field of work. Training also helps motivate the employees such that they are able to function effectively thus helping the organization attain a competitive edge over others in the same industry. Through training and development, it is worth noting that the organization culture can be enhanced and developed. This would prove to be true through embracing growth opportunities, social responsibility. Training would at the same time help reduce waste thus help the airline run profitably and effectively. Training a department ensures that a team spirit is enhanced. This helps in creating and maintaining a positive work environment. Of importance also to note regarding training and development is the improved quality of output derived by experiences workers. This also helps create a positive attitude that may encourage the employees be loyal to the organization and therefore work toward achieving the organizational objectives.


Human resources management is an important undertaking that helps the service sector to be run effectively. Through the HRM, an organization is able to address all personnel issues thus addressing one key aspect of the organization development. In particular, HRM serves the purpose of ensuring that the human resources issues including staffing, employee’s welfare and work designation is carried out effectively. At the same time, it helps address the employment issues and job specifications that may arise within the industry. Once an opening/job opportunity arises, the human resources personnel’s together with other departmental heads designs the job description indicating the qualification factors. Then selectionprocesstakes place taking into consideration the company requirements and labor laws. All in all, different organizationshavedifferent selection processes depending on the complexity and role to be played by the person being selected. Training and development is important in any organization success as it helps the organization train its members on the developments in different needs, new regulations or concepts, thus helping the employees increase skills. The skills gained through training may help the organization increase its productivity, improve team work and at the same time lead to overall increased productivity and boosted motivation. Human resource management should therefore be undertaken in any industry and organization that want employee-employer relationship harnessed.


















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Sample Research Paper on Human Resources Management for the Service Industry

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Sample Research Paper on Human Resources Management for the Service Industry

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Sample Research Paper on Human Resources Management for the Service Industry

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Sample Research Paper on Human Resources Management for the Service Industry

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