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Sample Research Paper on City and state

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Sample Research Paper on City and state


Some of the activities that human resource management entails include analyzing various jobs in the organization, making plans on the needs of the people working in the organization, selecting employees, undertaking recruitment processes, training those that have qualified for various vacancies, compensating the employees and settling conflicts that could arise. It could be considered as the most important department in an organization because most of the production decisions and the tools to be used to accomplish the targeted yield of the organization are made in this department (MARTIN, M., JACKSON, T. & MARTIN, M. 2010, 67). The other departments come in as a complement to ensure that whatever HRM department needs is provided.

1.1 Role of Human Resource Management in the hotel service industry in the United Kingdom

Hotel service industry is one of the businesses in the United Kingdom that have picked so well and are successful. Being a service industry, there is more sensitivity as the mode of delivery of these services as well as the personnels offering the services are the first impression creators in the mind of the customers. With an effective human resource management department, more success is witnessed. The effectiveness of the department is reflected in services that are rendered in the hotels. The role of the human resource department therefore is well played as discussed in this part. To begin with HRM engages plans about human resources in the place of work (SIMS, R. 2007, 134). However, there are still some hi-tech facilities that help in rendering services but the employees play the main part.

Therefore, these human resources need to be well taken care of to ensure that they offer quality services. Planning therefore becomes an essential role to accomplish the objectives that have been set by the management (BOELLA, J. 2000, 145). There is a need to identify the appropriate number of employees that are required to avoid shortages that could be a constraint to increasing revenue that is realized. Future needs are identified and interested applicants apply for those posts that could be vacant. The other role is analyzing job vacancies that require to be filled. Managers, after identifying various needs that require to be fulfilled, among them being future needs to employ more workers, they will describe them so that those that are interested will apply. Without the description, those people who wish to work in the hotels will not be able to know the type of jobs that they need to undertake. They will use the information they are provided with in the job analyses to compare evaluate their qualifications and decide whether they can fit or not.

Staffing is the other role that involves attracting those that are interested in filling various job vacancies. After that, managers in these hotels will them select those that they feel are qualified to work in the hotels and subject them to interviews to test their suitability for the respective jobs. After the most qualified applicants are selected, the functionaries will then train them to develop the skills they already have to fully occupy their respective places of work. Those that do not qualify are also notified. The new employees are oriented and taken through the hotels being showed how various systems work. They are told of what the management expects form them, various rules to follow while in the hotels, the number of hours they are supposed to be at work on daily basis as well as the right of attire to be in while at work. It is also the role of the human resource management to appraise the employees and ensuring that they offer acceptable level of services to the customers. The industry has adopted the technique of supervisory appraisal that mostly is seen in the production departments in the commodity market. There are supervisors whose work is to keep an eye on the employees to ensure that they do the right thing.

Many employees in the industry always want to grow career-wise. This is important as it will bring advancement in the hotels thus improving the quality of the services offered. This has created a role of the human resource management to plan on how to come up with schedules that will allow the employees undertake further catering studies as they continue to work. However, there are many people who seek services from the hotels and thus planning on this issue is important. His is because it will ensure that a logical number of employees attend their studies while a good number, able to meet the expectations of the customers is left (ARMSTRONG, M. 2007, 167). It is also the role of human resource management to compensate the employees using the mode that is used to pay them. This means that there are also financial records that are kept after paying the employees.

1.2 Justification of the human resources plan

The hotel services industry in the United Kingdom has adopted a certain plan that is used to manage the resources available. First, the functionaries conduct relevant research to collect information about supplies of the human resources. After the research, the human resources panel sit down and analyzes the information collected. A prediction is then made on the needs of having ore employees in the future. This is an appropriate strategy to plan human resources in the industry because in addition to identifying the need to have more employees, the panel will be able to discover the level of satisfaction impacted on the customer. The industry relies on the efforts of its employees and thus, the strategy will help in improving the working environment form the level of satisfaction of customers that will be revealed.

 In addition to this, services offered to the customers can be termed as ‘easily perishable.’ For instance, when it comes to the foods department, they cannot go for long and thus there is a need always to have enough workers to serve the customers (HAYES, K. & NINEMEIER, D. 2009, 165). Less workers would make customers shy away from accessing their services due to the delays that could be witnesses. Therefore, enough workers will ensure that there are no delays and thus more customers would be attracted. Therefore, following this strategy is relevant as the prediction made will ensure that there are enough workers always. Labor turnover is also discussed and if it is high, appropriate means of reducing it are advocated and implemented immediately to avoid losses since the industry is so sensitive. It is important to note the rate at which employees leave the hotels as in the process, reasons for their turnover are known and thus there are solutions that are put into place to void the problem in future. The demand of the services is most of the times high and thus the supply, which could only be countered by having enough employees, should be high.

1.3 Assessment of the current state of employment relations in the hotel services industry in the United Kingdom

Hotels services industry is a major business in the United Kingdom as mentioned earlier on in the paper. The estimated workforce is about 55% and the rest of the work is done using hi-tech facilities (CHATTERJEE, I. 2010, 60). Most of them are females who work on full time basis. A few are part timers. Most of the workers are citizens in the United Kingdom but there are also foreigners who work in the industry. Around 9% of the workers are foreigners showing that the country has accommodated people from other countries and therefore a sin of good relations at work (FRIEDMAN, M. & WEESE, P. 1991, 121).

 Small hotels are adversely affected thus more lay downs. Larger hotels though have remained in operation but have been forced to incur additional heavy budgets that have in one way or another affected the employees as well. This has lowered union in the sector and has weakened the relationship that exists between the big pubs and hotels and lessees in the region. There has been some unions that have been developed to take care of the crisis to ensure that employees are protected, because they are the ones who are hard hit. The union involves bringing the employers’ organizations together to enter into some agreement that put employees at a better position than they are in currently (EDELSTEIN, S. 2008, 156). This will help in improving the welfare of the employees and thus they will not fear working in the industry as their confidentiality will improve.

1.4 Effect of the employment law on the management of human resources in the hotels services industry in the United Kingdom

Imposition of higher taxes to those who earn high incomes has really affected management of human resources. This is because it has resulted to the reduction of personal disposable income of people and thus demand of the services provided by the industry reduces. This results to people shifting to other sectors making it difficult to manage all the needs (WILLIAMS, S. & ADAM-SMITH, D. 2006, 107). With the imposition of higher taxes, earnings that were being collected in the industry reduces but the number of employees does not reduce but remains constant. Since they are paid using the earnings that are collected, it becomes difficult to meet all their needs and thus many of them pull out to look for more satisfying jobs. In addition to this, the financial crisis has made things worse and thus making it difficult to create more jobs. In addition to this, there has been an increase in the number of hours that employees are supposed to work. This has reduced the time that the employees are free and cannot access the hotels. This has reduced the number of customers and thus low earnings, making it difficult to manage all the needs of the hotels as well as taking acre of the needs of the employees (ANDREWS, S. 2009, 104). The only time that the can access the hotels is during holidays thus making employment in the industry to be seasonal.


1.4 A job description and person specification for a job in the hotels service industry

Job title             : Hotel facilities manager

Location            : United Kingdom

Responsibility  :  Reports to the hotel manager


The applicant will need to take care of all relevant services as well as processes management that are a source of support to the business. Though the duties may change, the key aim of the manager will be to increase efficiency in the hotel.



Key accountabilities


Management of the available space in the hotel

Ensuring that the hotel is clean always

Maintain health and safety practices in the hotel

Managing procurements as well as contracts

Ensuring quality vending as well as catering

Maintenance of the buildings and the grounds in the hotel


Salary and allowances

A basic salary of the range of $ 1200 to $1300

A house allowance of $98

A health allowance of $116

A travelling allowance of $ 64


The applicant should have posted his or her application by 27th November 2014.


1.5 A job specification for a hotel’s facilities manager


Should hold a bachelor’s degree in catering, hospitality or tourism from a qualified University within or outside the United Kingdom

A master’s degree in any field related to tourism and hospitality


The applicant should have more than a three years’ experience in a catering large organization

Not less than two years’ experience of any work where he or she was reporting to the executive manager

Skills, abilities, knowledge, character, attributes

Has good skills in leadership

Is good at counting and has basic financial skills

One who is focused mainly on the outcome of a process

One who pays attention to others

Has good knowledge about the Act of Resource Management in the UK. Constitution

Good in typing

A good observant

Good at creating resources to meet needs of an organization

One who is optimistic

Pre-employment checks

Criminal convictions

Health checks

Credit worthiness and history


1.6 Comparison of the selection process of the hotel services industry and the airline industry in the United Kingdom

There is no much difference between the two industries when it comes to the process, which their human resource management department use to select new employees. In the two industries, the recruits are received for the first day, as advertised and are subjected to interviews. After the interviews, the airline industry groups all the interviewees into three groups based on their qualifications. The three groups are the marginal, with above 90% qualifications, the middle class with lower than 90% but up to 50% qualification and the lower class, who have less than 50% qualification (REYNOLDS, H. & WEINER, A. 2009, 78). The reason for this classification in the industry is to identify those who could be reconsidered once a member in the marginal fails to report for work because of the hi-tech the applicants should have.  The hotel service industry is mostly based n manual work, thus no reason for this classification (HILL, K. & SIMS-BELL, B. 2010, 109). Then they are screened and immediately after orientation, they are placed in their respective working positions with the necessary tools of work.

1.7 Assessment of the contribution of training and development activities

Training and development ensures that employees in the hotel services industry have the right skills to use while they are at work. With the skills that they are equipped with, they are also able to manage some of the problems that may arise while they are working. They are taught how to manage conflicts among themselves as well as between them and the organization. This creates a satisfying mood in the working place and thus it helps in achieving the goals that the organization has set.


HRM is the sector of the organization, which deals with managing human resources available in the organization to achieve the objectives set by management as well as the shareholders. It can be simply defined as the process of employing employees and developing them to be of more use to the organization, in this case, the employees will be employed and will provide labor, either skilled on unskilled and will receive some returns (JASZAY, C. & DUNK, P. 2003, 99). Therefore, every manager in any organization ought to have an effective HRM department that will not let the organization down.


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WILLIAMS, S., & ADAM-SMITH, D. (2006). Contemporary employment relations: A critical introduction. Oxford, Oxford University Press.












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Sample Research Paper on City and state

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Sample Research Paper on City and state

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