Sample Paper on Term Paper Topic: Employee Turnover

Employee turnover refers to the number of workers who quit working from an organization. The organization stands to benefit under longtime serving staff since they are usually loyal and well trained. The internal and external environment of a business pose various challenges and benefits that may make employees terminate or continue with their jobs. Studies show that 90% of employees would quit their jobs due to; poor working environment, poor business structure, and challenges with management. Therefore, one of the main objectives of HRM is the development of appropriate strategies to retain employees at the workplace. Employee retention refers to all efforts by HRM to keep and motivate employees so that they can continue serving the organization.

Employee turnover is now common in various organizations hence a serious problem the management has to deal with. A good case study that has experienced high worker turnover rates in the recent years is Google Inc. According to business insider online magazine, it was the 4th among 500 organizations with high employee turnover in 2013. Average employee tenure for the company is estimated to be between 11months to one year.

Employee turnover, therefore, be a good topic to discuss in your term paper with Google Inc. as your case study. Under this topic, you will majorly discuss in detail the reasons why employees leave organizations and possible remedies for this issue. The following are the major ideas you can discuss:

Common reasons why employees leave organizations;
  • A mismatch between the skills of an employer and the task or job assignment
  • Employees may feel frustrated due to lack of growth in their jobs or careers
  • Pay rate and workload inequalities can also be a big issue to make employees terminate their tasks
  • Management issues whereby there is a basic incompatibility between workers and management.
Retention strategies;
  • Salaries and benefits
  • Training and development
  • Performance appraisals
  • Succession planning
  • Flextime, telecommuting, and sabbaticals
  • Management training
  • Conflict management and fairness
  • Pay-for-performance strategies
  • Job design, enlargement and empowerment, etc.
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