Sample Paper on Stress in the Work Place


I have noticed stress in the workplace has impact in employees’ performance and productivity. People react differently to threats or certain demands in the work place, a situation that may lead to stress. Stress has serious impact in the management and productivity of an organization. This memo discusses identified causes of stress in the workplace, negative impact of stress, ways of managing stress and strategies of promoting wellness in the workplace.

Results of Stress

There are several negative impacts of stress in the workplace, which includes increased absenteeism, low morale among the employees, which lead to low productivity, and increased expenses as a result of increased cost of compensation for worker’s physical ailments among others. There are increased chances of having accidents in the workplace because of low concentration due to stress.

Causes of Stress

There are several causes of stress, which includes environment, teamwork, lack of privacy, and workload. Among the several causes of stress in the workplace, the workload is a major factor that affects workers. Employees performing duties under pressure and enormous workloads are likely to suffer from stress-related ailments. For instance, the working environment can be too polluted causing stress among the employees.

How to deal with Stress

            Stress management in the workplace is a vital process that should not be overlooked. Creating stress management workshops and setting priorities is necessary for effective performance in the workplace. Therapeutic counseling should be encouraged in order to help stressed employees. Physical activities can be integrated in the workplace to promote physical fitness and as a result reduce stress significantly.

The management can promote wellness campaign in the workplace through various initiatives. Wellness can be achieved through proper nutrition, increased physical activity, and happiness programs within the work environment. Motivational techniques of appreciating workers on their achievements and productivity are vital. It is important for an organization to have clear policies that supports wellness in the workplace.


Effective stress management techniques should be employed in the workplace in order to overcome negative impacts because of stress.  An organization ends up spending more because of working with stressed workforce. It is important to deal with stress in the work place in order to ensure high productivity, increased morale among the workers and save money.