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Sample Essay Paper on Glass Ceiling Training and Selection

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Sample Essay Paper on Glass Ceiling Training and Selection


The intention of this paper is to conduct a critical review of the Glass Ceiling concept which is a hindrance to both the training and recruitment of women in organizations. Moreover, this paper delves deeper into providing a correlation between the glass ceiling influences and training and recruitment. There are steps to mitigate the “glass ceiling” with regards to training and recruitment and this makes it a very significant topic for discussion with regards to the metrics that suffice. The sources reviewed herein are; practitioner journals, internet sources and academic journals.
















Glass Ceiling Training and Selection

Training Recruitment and the Glass Ceiling

            Training refers to the process of increasing the knowhow and the skills of employees for the purpose of performing a particular task. Recruitment on the other hand, is the process of selecting new employees in order to replace the retired ones or for the purpose of performing a new line of business that has been introduced in an organization. Glass ceiling represents a barrier that is made by organizations or societal misconception that tend to discriminate women in terms of progress thus hindering their employment, recruitment and training opportunities.

            However, over the years, the glass ceiling has been a scapegoat offering women the chance to absolve themselves from the blame of lack of commitment and resilience in interviews and the entire job recruitment exercise. Whenever such incompetent women are marked out, they peg the blame on the management on their failure to secure the position that they desired as prime to them. The training and recruitment exercise, in as much as should be transparent and fair, ought to be based on qualifications and goal attainment. Both recruitment and training are very dependent factors on the overall performance of an organization coupled with the technical competence.

            Though some organizations have a bearing when it comes to the concept of the glass ceiling it is the sole jurisdiction of the government, particularly the United States government to come up and support the bid of women. This entails sensitizing the populace on the importance of gender and racial equality, providing education to women and granting opportunities in the educational sector, leadership, agriculture, technology and other sectors of the economy. The place of organizations in recruitment and training primarily lies on an individual’s qualification. If a man is more qualified than a lady, the concept of the rights of women should not politicize the entire issue (Kephart & Schumacher, 2005).

Steps to dealing with Glass Ceiling

            As a manager in an organization, I would advocate on creating some slots for the employment of women in my organization. This slot would be a chance to prove to the women that they share a fair chance of joining the work force but based on their qualification and training. This would be a lobby to counter the gender imbalance that often affect many organizations and seek for fairness in terms of race and gender as is the requirement of the law. I do believe in the competence of humans regardless of their gender, social ties, race or religious background though the effects are secondary.

            I would place a competent human resource workforce in my organization and train my employees on the importance of women in the society. This would serve to steer clear gender bigotry and some misconceived ideas that the male gender is more superior to the female. Moreover, this provides a fair chance of analyzing employees based on their talents and abilities and not the sexual orientation or gender. This would serve to keep gender discrimination at bay and create more jobs for women in the job place.

            Employ a female assistant. In my capacity as the manager of an organization, I would hire a competent female employee to act as a way of setting an example for my entire workforce to restrain from promoting the ill vice of gender discrimination. Moreover, this would prove to my organization as a whole that what the men can do, women likewise stand a chance of doing it even much better. Setting an example is mandatory by all managers in order to show that they are participating actively in the laws and regulations that they have placed in an organization.

            Providing a feedback avenue for members of the society particularly the women, to give views regarding their treatment during their interview in my organization. This will prove to give information on the effectiveness of the fair gender recruitment opportunities initiative being offered in our organization thus giving an avenue of making changes where necessary. This would serve as a way of analyzing the impact of the gender imparity regarding training and recruitment in the organization.

            However, as a new employee with no executive rank and/or powers in an organization, I would respect the women and lobby to support their rights being the human rights activist that I am. I believe in fairness though, achieving fairness in this world is ideal, I do believe that sensitization of the members of the public as well as my fellow employees of the importance of fairness in the treatment of women regarding employment and service provision would be very necessary.

            Lastly, as a manager, I would work with various human rights and feminist agencies towards ensuring that no individual rights or freedoms are breached in my organization. These agencies, though partial at times, serve as an eye opener of the best ways of treating women with regards to employment opportunities and training. The glass ceiling is a controversial topic in many organization. However, education and training has been very instrumental in sensitizing the members of the public of the importance of women likewise to men in an organization. Therefore, training becomes key in organizations in order to allow women to reveal their talents and abilities in a bid to proving their professional competence with regards to employment.


The concept of the glass ceiling is more pronounced in developing nations in comparison to the developed nations. Research has shown that in nations that embrace male chauvinism and malevolence the opportunities for women are dismal (Choi & Park, 2014). For example, in Uganda, women are openly harassed and those women in the opposition are stripped by the government, particularly the ruling leader. Moreover, the dressing of women is restricted by law to long skirts all in the name of the preservation of culture. Equally peeving is the fact that some job opportunities are believed to be the sole jurisdiction of the males for example, engineering works, governmental leadership positions, military, just to mention a few. This is a classic example of the glass ceiling. Therefore, this proves to inhibit the development of women in light of recruitment and training (Choi & Park, 2014).

Arguably, such scenarios may occur genuinely because there are few women who are confident enough to take up the responsibility of top management. The job demands are so high and an overwhelming majority is moving away from such hectic jobs. Putting into perspective that power comes with lots of responsibilities which ought to be addressed. Recruitment involves measuring the skills based on the understanding of the individuals that are present at the time of an interview. Organizations cannot force women to attend interviews and engage with the high demands of managerial jobs. Therefore, the solution would be on training of women on the job requirements based on their willingness to measure up with the demands of a prospective job.

Countries concerned on the welfare of women have gone a notch higher in revising the constitution to stipulate the gender ratio of the work force. Although such measures are sound, they are not adequate. The real deal is in the emancipation of women through the provision of educational opportunities that would make them attractive on the job market enticing human resource managers and employers to recruit them into the industry. Therefore, the government should be very keen on looking at the social influences that tend to bar women from actively engaging in education. Such would involve, early marriages, pregnancies, lack of fees to fund the educational programmers of students. The best ways of placing laws with regards to recruitment and training is through taking a head count of all individuals who are educated, jotting down their respective gender and analyzing the reason for the opportunity miss – up.

This is to mean that countries with few educated women who are in active employment ought not to put pressure on organizations or the general populace with regards to the recruitment and training of women. However, there should be a review of the educational system by the government and the various non – governmental agencies to pin point the reason behind the poor education of women. The reasons obtained can be in light of inadequate skills that are required in the job market. Some employees in organizations are semi – skilled while others are multi – skilled. Organizations which require a multi – skilled employee might go for other members who might not be women, and this ought not to be categorized as the glass ceiling. Training and recruitment is primarily based on academic qualification and experience. In most jobs, this is regardless of gender (Warrell, 2013). Glass ceiling is not only the sole mandate of an organization to break, but also, the jurisdiction of the government to review and place strict policies. All the team players must actively engage in their roles to realize the benefits that ensure as a result of improvement of the status and standards of living of women with regards to education, training, recruitment and employment.

The comparison of information quality from other sources
Resource Planning, Journal of Leadership and Organization Studies, Contemporary Economic Policy, Public Personnel Management, Journal of Leadership and Organisation Studies.

            The Journal of Leadership and Organization Studies analyses the aspect of the glass ceiling, clearly marking out the demerits that suffice during training and recruitment exercise. However, it clearly marks out the fact that women should not be completely be absolved from the blame, in that, an overwhelming majority lack the requisite knowledge, education and skills that are required for particular managerial jobs. This makes it particularly difficult for some women to come out in the open to embrace new opportunities that suffice in organizations due to fear of the job demands.

            However, the journal clearly articulates the fact that it is inadmissible to suppress the efforts of women all in the name of gender discrimination in times of employment. The managers and employers in general have an obligation in ensuring that recruitment in organizations is transparent and in accordance with the law and justice systems. Knowledge is not restrictive in terms of gender; therefore, everyone has equal abilities of pursuing interests and becoming a success. Discriminating women in terms of education, training, recruitment and employment is both retrogressive and unlawful.

Public Administration Review Journal clearly marks out the jurisdiction of the government with regards to training and education of women. This is to mean that, the journal takes the reader through a critical survey of the step by step process the government, organizations and other stakeholders should take to mitigate the glass ceiling menace while at the same time giving score points that would render the entire glass ceiling a mirage to standing tall for women in a country for the purposes of training and recruitment.

The merits that come about as a result of training and recruitment in an organization are numerous and very vital. For one, organizations are able to hire new staff members in departments that were understaffed; besides, organizations are able to boost the confidence of their employees through training because they have the ability of performing the tasks that they are conversant with. The most important facet in organizations that come about as a result of training and recruitment is the aspect of reducing wastages and scrap. This is in the form of the enhancement of the skills of employees which reduces both time wastage and reduces the costs incurred in organizations while performing specific tasks. These merits are beyond reproach thus calling for the need of such training and recruitment exercises to be transparent.

Newsweek magazine, Foreign Affairs magazine, and Forbes magazine

The information provided in this source is very valid owing to the reputation of this magazine. There is an element of comparing statistics of glass ceiling and its impetus on economic growth. This is an intrigue because it posits the discrimination of women with regards to education, training and recruitment to be directly proportional to a countries’ economic development. The premise of the argument stems from the fact that women make part of larger populace, hence if they are denied opportunities, they would lack the capacity to positively contribute to economic development and drug the country backwards, the vice versa is true.


Sensitization of women on the need to get educated. The greatest power to mitigating the glass ceiling menace is through the sensitization of women to get basic education. Education is the key to bringing quality minds together and coming up with solutions that can champion change. Knowledge comes with confidence, skill and capacity to deliver. The problem of the glass ceiling and discrimination in terms of training and recruitment can best be offset through the government channeling its resources and time towards the sensitization and funding of the education of women and other less fortunate in the society. Moreover, this would serve to improve the economic standards of the country.

            Moreover, the government should come up with more effective laws to mitigate the glass ceiling. The setting up of laws that limit the ratio of males and females working in organizations is insufficient in ensuring the complete ban of the vice. Therefore, the sure way of effecting rational laws is through the attractiveness of women in terms of education, training and recruitment. This means that, the government should set out at proving to organizations that women are good at what they do just like men, and that intelligence is not necessarily limited to a person’s gender. Moreover, the fixed positions for women in organizations only limit their respect before the eyes of men; earning respect works best at enabling women to get recruited.

             The empowerment of women in a key concern in modern day organizations, thus calling for the commitment of the employers and managers in general in looking at the diversity of the workforce and implementing a culture that nurture equality in all aspects especially those that regards to gender. Therefore, there is need to sensitize women with regards to their value in the society and their importance to the overall achievement of the goals and objectives of organizations.

            Organizations should ensure that training and recruitment is based on experience and education as opposed to gender bigotry. This would make training and recruitment fare and for the benefit of the organization. Skill is what is important in an organizational perspective, employees with multiple skills work best in promoting the goals and objectives of the organization towards attainment of the general objectives of the organization. Performance appraisal is also an important facet when it comes to training and recruitment exercise. Gender bigotry, malevolence are retrogressive metrics that only tend to push a company towards loosing valuable assets and spoiling the company name (Tai & Sims, 2005).

The culture of involving employees of different ethnic backgrounds and of different gender in organizations working together is the main essence of leadership and progress. Diversity is the meaning of progress in a society (Carol, 1993).. Therefore, the modern America ought to come out of its cocoon and promote both diversity in terms of gender and race for the purpose of promoting nationalism and because it is a constitutional mandate which all must be willing and able to comply with. Above mention,.

            Research and development is instrumental in knowing the gender disparity in training and development not leaving out the glass ceiling effect. The place of women in the society is important because they make part of the social construct, therefore, their fair treatment and emancipation in terms of opportunities becomes very vital. The government and other non – governmental agencies should conduct meticulous research with regards to the statistics of educational dispensation while delving to pin point the reasons behind disparity in male and female employment. This would serve in aiding the government in coming up with polices that would encourage the empowerment of the women. Moreover, there should be an elimination of the barriers that tend to hinder the promotion of women and the executive positions management. For example, opportunities of higher education should be provided to women in order to ensure that they meet the requisite qualification in terms of education and training. This would mean that, should the job requirements demand a master’s degree for promotion, the women required for such an interview should bear this level. Research has shown that most women after completing their undergraduate degree program, end up married and complete at that with their education (Clift, 2000).













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Sample Essay Paper on Glass Ceiling Training and Selection

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Sample Essay Paper on Glass Ceiling Training and Selection

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