Sample Essay on Understanding Data

Attribute data is one that has a characteristic, trait, aspect or element. These elements may or not fulfill the requirement of a given product. This is data that may be represented in a yes or no form (Omachonu and Ross, 2005).  Examples of attribute data include defect in the usage of a product, taste preferences in fruits drinks.

Variable data are data attained from measurements and are in the form of numericals. Examples of Variable data include the length of a room, the distance to the bathroom and weight of a car.

Question 13-5

The data required in this case is objective variable data.We need to identify and establish the exact luggage numbers. This data would be helpful as it will assist identify the number of luggage that was successfully handled and the percentage calculated to know the number that missing in solving the problem.

Question 13-6

The type of data required by the bicycle manufacturer will require is the attribute data. As this will help identify the feeling and experiences that each customer is having. This will be in the form of how easy or hard is to assemble the bicycle parts. Responses will be taken based on the experiences of each and the percentage calculated to help solve and improve the parts.

Question 13-7: The purpose of sampling

Sampling will select and pick a representation of a population from the general population to signify the characteristics of that population. This assists in concluding and providing summaries about the representative that will allow for generalization to that population.

Question 13-8: Sampling error

Omachuna and Ross (2005) argue that it is asserted that it is an error arising from a sample taken from your study population. The sample selected from the population may not bring out a picture of the actual experience and feeling of the general population. The error arising from this is the sampling error, for example, a sample from Chelsea fans may not be happy of a particular player but does not mean that all are unhappy.

Question 13-10: Factors to be considered in choosing a sampling scheme

Before actually choosing a sampling scheme it is in order to consider several factors. They will include the existing relationships that exist between accuracy and precision of data, the aims and objectives of the sampling, the variability of the data, and risks that are posed by having biased estimates.


Omachonu K. and Ross E. (2005). Principles of Total Quality (3rd ed). CRC Press: New York