Sample Essay on Millenials

Millennial also called generation Y is mostly has defined as those born between the year 1980 onwards, they are still in their teens and are the children of generation X, those born earlier than 1980’s. They have been brought up around the digital era of technology and mass media. They are also said to be intelligent and overachievers, also more open minded to gay   rights and those of minorities are open to new ideas and ways of living. They are various tolerant to races and are agreeing to special treatment to improve rights of the minorities in the community. On the negative side they are said to be materialistic are more about money and image. (Kauffman 53)

Millennials are said to be optimistic and connected and also competitive due to the few job opportunities available, optimistic in that most of them expect to be in managerial positions within the next two years or so, Optism remains even after the occurrence of tragic events around them like terrorist attacks, hurricane Katrina, school shootings like columbine.    It has also been observed that they do not want to be tied to an organization and are seen to be moving from one job to another. They are also able to multitask evidenced by a teenager who can do homework play video games and watch TV at the same time this means that our brains are evolving. They are also brilliant and score high on IQ tests. The few job opportunities have led to them becoming entrepreneurs and have turned to self-employment which boosts the economy in that it creates jobs in the private sector an example of a young entrepreneur is Mark Zuckerberg of facebook. There is also no gender distinction more women are seen to be primary caregivers and even leaders. (Fean, 22).          Their main source of information and news is the internet and television, compared to generation X .Health wise they are worse off with obesity becoming epidemic and this could lead to short lifespan.

This generation is also seen to be full of contradictions, with the high rate of unemployment they are still very optimistic, they say they are concerned about the environment but are not considered as environmentalists, they have a negative attitude towards the single parents yet they have the most number of single parents, they are the most technologically connected yet the least trusting are more liberal about marijuana use and gay marriages than other generations yet not liberal on gun control. They are the most educated but have the most student loans due to the high cost of university/college fees. They consider higher education as a indispensable commodity as they identify that higher education leads to more earnings.

What has remained the same between the milennials and the x generation is that the milennials also value successful marriages and are keen on being good parents and are also helping out in community charities (Nickle 21). The millenials also face challenges some of them being that they have a hard time trying to get a loan so that they can start up a business  another challenge is that the fact that they can multitask often end up in turning clients away because they cannot concentrate and engage in one project at a time.

In conclusion this generation is large and is promising ,not only will they boost the economy but are also contributing to the market directly by creating job opportunity  by their optimistic spirit, teamwork, and their hardworking nature which is bound to bring a great milestone.




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