Sample Essay on HR Management: Discussion Planner

Discussion Planner 1
Discussion with An intern who is about to graduate from college and is needed in the company.
Situation to be discussed The company is not ready to provide the salary that the intern has asked for
Persons involved Human Resource manager, the intern and intern’s supervisor
Objectives of the discussion To convince the intern to continue working for the company for the time being at a lesser salary, with the promise of getting better remuneration in a year’s time.
Critical steps (listen, involve, problem solve) ·         Thanking the intern for the services provided

·         Ask the intern to restate the terms to have him retained as a worker in the company

·         Listen to the opinion and impressions of the intern

·         Explain to the intern the situation of the company and in particular state the good potential of growth of the company

·         Promise the intern that he will be paid on demand by the year that follows

Background The intern is asking for a salary that the company cannot afford in the present year

There is a good degree of certainty that the company will be in a position to offer the demand salary by next year

Employee generated actions/ alternatives to solve the issue Have the intern state the lowest amount of salary that he can accept from the company

Try other means of convincing the intern to accept the present payment terms by promising bonuses in the future

A promise of career growth and experience in the company



Discussion planner 2

Discussion with An employee that has been rude to colleagues, customers and even to the superiors.
Situation to be discussed The rude behavior of the employee and how it can be improved to prevent loss of business and maintain harmony within the company.
Persons involved The rude employee, HR Manager, supervisor and some of the wronged employees.
Objectives of the discussion To establish what drives the behavior of this employee

To inform the rude employee of his/her offensive behavior and the likely consequences.

To have the rude employee explain or justify their behavior.

To come up with a solution to the rude behavior that will be fair to all the parties involved.

Critical steps (listen, involve, problem solve) ·         Listen to the victims of the rude behavior of the employee.

·         Have the rude employee respond to each of the accusations made against him/her.

·         Inform the rude employee of the effects he/she is having on the rest of the persons in the organization.

·         Take the appropriate action after determining whether the employee is remorseful of the behavior or otherwise

Background Rude behavior to colleagues, customers and superiors is likely to cause resentment within the firm and from outside. This can lead to poor performance of the employees and lesser appeal of the organization from the side of the customers. The blame is not put entirely on the rude employee, as he/she might be having other problems that are not apparent to the employees and the superiors (Chen, 2016). Having this behavior pointed can lead to better solutions that just having the employee dismissed.
Employee generated actions/ alternatives to solve the issue ·         After determining the cause of the behavior of the rude employee, he/she is required to apologize to the colleagues offended.

·         The rude employee then has to promise to improve behavior, failure to which dismissal will follow.

·         The employee is advised to seek out the services of a psychiatrist (Chen, 2016).

·         If the employee has no remorse for the behavior and is uncooperative, then dismissal should suffice.





Chen, S. (2016). The relationships between multifoci workplace aggression and work–family conflict. The International Journal of Human Resource Management, 1-28.