Sample Coursework Paper on Training Needs Analysis

Training of employees is considered one of the most effective ways of bringing the best out of employees (Barbazette 3). In fact, a good number of organizations attribute their success to effective training programs and courses for their employees. Therefore, as a sales representative of the Barclays Bank, enhancing efficiency and production would be enabled through training.

Managers or employers of the Barclays Banks should introduce their employees to a training course on how to deal with and relate to customers. Customers are the backbone of the existence of a number of organizations, and should be treated with respect and dignity.

The training course that will be adopted by the managers of the organization will not only aim at improving workplace performance but also enable employees to align with organizational goals. The training course will adopt an instructional design process known as ADDIE. First, the training will analyze the needs of the employees. Thereafter, the needs will be designed, developed, implemented, and evaluated (Kopp 25)

Analysis of the needs of the employees is the most important step during the training process. This is because in the end, it will identify a number of factors that will be of significance in addressing the needs of employees (Kopp 27). For instance, if the employees of the organization are trained on how to relate with customers, their needs, such as sufficiency of facilities, support, and motivation from the employers will be addressed. This is because the employers will be made aware of the needs of the employees in the process. In order to achieve the goals of the training course, the employers will have to avail enough facilities for the employees at the work place. Besides, the employers will be forced to introduce motivation and full support to the employees at the work place.

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