Sample Coursework Paper on Organization of Human Resource Department Websites

Most organizations use similar designs in structuring and organizing their human resource department websites. Examples of such websites include the California department of human resources and the county of San Mateo human resources department. The most common and evident function of these websites is the enlightenment of the user on their employee treatment, employee enrollment and so forth. The websites, however have different graphic designs which are according to the respective organization specifications. Organizations are designing websites to include as much information as could be provided by their physical customer care desks on the organization’s premises through enhancement of the user interface. The websites contain the following information about the human resource department:

  1. Human resource news and announcement. The news and announcement segment takes the largest space on the website. The segment handles informing the organization’s employees of the upcoming events (, 2015). The segment can also be used to post materials related to past employees events such as their photos from an event.
  2. The other part of the website includes the categories of human resource divisions explaining the duties of each division. The divisions are the backbone of the human resource department and without any one of them, it would be hard to run the organization effectively and smoothly. The division as outlined in the websites include;
  • This division concerns itself with matters related to staffing. Recruitment division communicates job openings in the organization when the organization is hiring. The human resource department uses this division to outline its job design and specifications it is looking for in job applicants.
  • Training and development. This division incorporates the guidelines to employees’ process of training. The segment highlights the mission of training and developing the skills of the employees and why employees should take part in training programs.
  • The website also discusses the compensation plans of the organization. This segment shows how the organization handles payroll, its tax policies, and benefits administration.
  • Health and safety. Health and safety division outlines the organization’s policies on employee’s safety and health (, 2015). The division also provides a platform to train employees on appropriate health and safety procedures.
  • Employee labor relations. The division addresses employees’ grievances and the appropriate actions to be taken address the grievances. It educates the employees on employment laws and their commitment to labor unions.

The county of San Mateo human resource department website for instance, arranges these division chronological. It starts by outlining the employees’ benefit of the department. The objective of these websites is to educate the users of the opportunities in the organization and how the department treats its workforce.

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