Sample Case Study Paper on Survey Summary

From the leadership trait questionnaire, my greatest strengths include the ability to articulate myself with ease, confidence in every circumstance, and persistence enough to get what I yearn for. I also have great determination such that when I want to achieve a particular thing, I put in more effort to ensure success. People can easily confide in me, making it hard for a person to doubt everything I tell him/her. I am also reliable enough for people to count on my help.  When discharging my duties, I prefer being thorough, organized, and I am always in control. I am also a friendly person and people find it easy relating with me.

My weak point comes from my strengths. Due to my friendly nature, it might not be easy for people to realize when I am serious. My soft-spoken and friendly nature made other people rate me as average in the majority of the traits with reliability, trustworthiness, and determination receiving the highest ratings.

When rating myself, there are traits that I felt I had a great rating but this was contrary to how my friends viewed me. Apart from the three traits listed above, the others had an average rating. There was no great difference in how my colleagues rated me and how I rated myself because most of their ratings were above average.

The discrepancies are normal because a person cannot easily identify areas where he/she has shortcomings or strengths. An external party is well-positioned to identify areas where a person has shortcomings and areas that deserve credit. The exercise enables a person to build on his/her traits further by identifying areas where he/she has either underperformed or performed well. The exercise also helps a person to improve areas that others see as weak points.