Sample Capstone Project Paper on HR Management

  1. Leaders & Leadership
    • Create better place for the employees
    • Offer the best experience for the customers and employees
    • Deliver quality programs and expertise for the company to gain competitive advantage
    • Establish a faster innovation and flexibility to meet the needs of the customers
    • Meet the needs of the community by satisfying the employees and donating to charity
    • Work on team building
  1. Employees
  • Meet the needs of the employees to reduce the turnover rate
  • Align the values of the individuals with those of the company
  • Ensure fairness is practiced at all levels to reduce gender discrimination, harassment, and stereotyping
  • Apply the best recruitment strategies  to increase the number of the minority groups in the company
  • Encourage the workers by introducing other benefits, such as on job trainings, and catering for the travel and tours holidays
  1. Investors
  • Increase the resources for the improvement of productions
  • Introduce better communication approaches to include investors in the current activities
  • Introduce better strategies to invite more investors in the company
  • Hold frequent meetings to include the ideas of the investors on the management
  • Expand the company by establishing other branches in other countries
  1. Customers
  • Carry out surveys and interviews to understand the needs of the customers
  • Meet and satisfy the demands in the market
  • Produce better and higher quality goods and services for competitive advantage
  • Incorporate customers into the decision making process by encouraging them to attend the general meetings and in the social media
  1. Community
    • Carry out a survey to understand their demands and concerns
    • Involve the community in the decision making process
    • Work out the relationship between the company and the community
    • Give to Charity and support community work as frequent as possible
    • Empower the community as part of the development