Sample Assignment Paper on the OSHA Act

OSH Act was created in 1970 to protect the workers from harm and unbearable conditions in their working environment by ensuring healthful and safe conditions are maintained. It was signed into law in 29 December 1970 by the president of United States of America (USA), Richard Nixon (Cohen & Peterson, 1995). According to Cohen & Peterson (1995), the enactment was purposely ” to assure safe and healthful working conditions for working men and women”p.3. This law compels the employers to offer a harmless working environment free from the known dangers. The Act is enforced by (OSHA) Occupational Safety and Health Administration, through setting and ensuring protective standards are maintained in the work place. OSHA offer paramount support to the employees and employers through providing training and vital information that is required to ensure safety in the work place. All employers who fall under OSHA’s jurisdiction are required to adhere to the rule and standards set by OSHA.  Some of the hazards that OSHA condemns include exposing workers to toxic chemical, extreme noise level, stress from heat or cold, notable mechanical danger, and lack of proper sanitary conditions.

My support on the development of OSHA Act as a good model of government regulation is based on development and achievement that have been realized so far since its creation. It is important to review the reasons behind enactment of this Act. The following facts that were given to the congress influenced the creation of OSHA. At that time, there were 14,000 death out of job-related accidents, nearly 2 million workers had been disabled in their jobs, and there were 300, 000 disease cases as a result of poor occupational conditions (Cohen & Peterson, 1995). These facts prompted the congress to take action in order to eradicate these problems. The deaths and disease cases came as a result of ignorance by private employers. The employers seemed to value profits more than the lives of their employees. They enjoyed great profits at the expense of poor employees who were doing their best to build the economy of their nation.

Nevertheless, the government of the people could not let such inhuman action continues and therefore it enacted a law that would protect the interest of the employees in the private sector. Before the law was formed, the private sector had the mandate to prove to the government its responsibility in national building. However, instead of acting responsibly, it mistreated the workers to such an extent that prompted federal action. The congress created the law on the interest of the people by supporting OSHA that could regulate the working conditions.

Since the creation of OSHA, significant improvement has been witnessed in the work places. OSHA has seen creation of better working environment, ensured appropriate tools required in the working environment have been employed, and most importantly ensured employees are enjoying their jobs. When the employees begin to enjoy their job, their participation is bound to increase and therefore boosting organisational performance. Although the requirements of OSHA may appear to be quite demanding, once an organization cooperates with the standards it is bound to attract better labor that can propel its performance to higher levels. Normally, ever company has great plans of attracting the best labor in the market in order to ensure high standard of its output. I believe OSHA came along to distinguish serious organizations from the opportunistic organisations. Organizations that have the interest of their workers in their core values do not find it difficult to adhere to the regulations of OSHA since the rule already exist in the blue prints of their organisational planning.


Cohen, J. M., & Peterson, R. D. (1995). The complete guide to OSHA compliance. CRC Press.