Sample Admission Essay Paper


Millenium Medical Research Institute is a non governmental research medical institution that had been established with the sole purpose of carrying out vigorous research on a wide array of diseases so as to come up their cure and preventive measures. This research institute works in conjunction with erudite scientists and other research personnel so as to find better ways of protecting humans from acquiring certain diseases. The institute also focuses on providing effective treatments that would save man from dying due to certain illnesses and infections. This paper gives a record on the responses provided by the HR Manager during an interview. This paper thus aims to describe the communication technique that has been adapted by the organization.



Ask the representative to describe one training program, initiative, or intervention, which was evaluated in the past 1-2 years. Based on what you reviewed from chapter 14 ask the representative to address the following items/questions:

  1. What were the primary purposes for communicating and reporting the evaluation findings?

The primary purpose for communicating and reporting the evaluation findings is to give out information to the selected stakeholders who would be required to make a decision on the steps forward with regards to the medical research findings.

  1. To whom (what audiences) did you communicate the findings.

The research findings were communicated to stakeholders who included; the Principle investigators, scientific researchers, Public Health experts, Sponsors and the experts from the Ministry of Health who represented the government.

  1. Was timing of the communication and evaluation reports considered? Please explain.

Yes, the timing for both the communication and evaluation reports had to be considered. This is because of the fact that evaluation of the report had to be conducted before the evaluated information was conveyed to the stakeholders (audience). However, during the evaluation process, communication on the progress of the evaluation process was done on a regular basis so as to keep the audience up-to-date. The final report from the evaluation process was communicated to the stakeholders on a face-to-face meeting through a presentation.

  1. Please describe the format your organization used to communicate the evaluation findings.

Communication of the evaluation findings was done through a final report that also included clear statistical findings that were represented through statistical figures such as charts, tables, graphs, pie charts and illustrations. The final report was written in a Pdf file document, but during the presentation process, the final report had been put as a shorter PowerPoint document. The PowerPoint document had an executive summary on the first slide after which it was followed by supporting evidence which included the statistical figures. The last slide focused on evaluative conclusion.


  1. In retrospect, would you take a different course of action for communicating the findings of the evaluation report?

Aside from having a meeting where the stakeholders would meet to get the final evaluation report through presentation process, I would also use the electronic option of disseminating the evaluated report to stakeholders who come from far countries or regions. I would also utilize synchronous electronic communication channel such as web conferencing where stakeholders would be able to analyze and discuss on the final findings from the report.


  1. In your opinion, did the evaluation findings make a difference in the culture? If, so, please explain.

Yes, the evaluation findings made a difference in the culture simply because the findings focused on seeking answers for why a certain drug had been ineffective in curing a specific disease. Ultimately, the findings would be used to discover a drug that would be more suitable and specific to cure the specific disease. Therefore, the evaluation findings would make a big difference in the culture as the research focuses on better ways of improving the health of the society.