Sample Admission Essay on Expatriates

High employee turnover, particularly the expatriates, is a big blow to the company, since it would cost the company exorbitant amount of money to find a replacement. In addition, high turnover can interfere with the self-confidence of the remaining employees. Thus, the company needs to align the overall talent management strategy to the expatriates, rather than investing on repatriation support to the individuals or their families. Although awarding the expatriates in monetary terms is vital for their upkeep, bringing them closer through the talent management can motivate them to stay put away from home. Talent management is linked to career management, where the expatriates are assured of career progression. Individuals working away from home should be recognized for their efforts by being promoted to a higher rank, in addition to an assurance of a rewarding work environment. The company should encourage feedback from expatriates concerning their international assignment, as well as their career goals.

The company can also institute mentoring relationships that would encourage expatriates to remain in the foreign country. Connecting expatriates with a mentor who has an experience in international assignments can assist expatriates to adjust to their new environment and to share their problems with a trustworthy person. Some issues that expatriates raise concerning their situations are personal, and the HR manager responsible for handling employee problems may not understand them. The mentor can assist the employees to feel connected to their assignments by offering them expatriate advice and support. Besides, the mentor can communicate to the head quarters concerning the issues raised by expatriates, and the company can respond to such issues with the required urgency. Having an established mentorship program can help expatriates to become the future mentors, which would enhance the company’s operations in the global market.