Essay Sample Paper on Human Resource management


The name of the assistant human resource manager interviewed for this assignment has been withheld as per his request. The assistant manager is in the human resource department for the organization. He is responsible for the clerical, administrative and recruitment duties of the human resource department of the organization. He oversees HR database, ensures that the database is up to date and accurate all the times. With the help of HR manager, he also manages over one hundred employees in the organization. Most of these employees are in the various departments of the organization, but they fall under the human resource management department. Majority of the employees that the assistant HR manager supervises directly are in the HR department. Others are in other departments of the organization (Mathis, Jackson and Valentine 45).

InterContinental Kunming is the name of the organization that the assistant HR manager manages. The organization specializes in hotel and resort services. Its main branches are in North and South America, Africa and Central-America/Caribbean. The organization’s mission is to offer quality services to its customers, and its vision is to become the preferred hotel in all parts of the world.


Q: What role do you play in the recruitment and selection process?

A: I am the assistant resource manager. As a result, I work in collaboration with the organization’s human resource manager to determine the position to be filled and the qualities that the right candidate for the job should possess.

Q: Do you conduct interviews?

A: Yes, I’m usually part of the team that conducts interview

Q: How does your organization conduct the recruitment process?

A: It places job ads on its website, and if need be posts those jobs on national newspapers

Q: Does your organization use the same recruitment methods for all positions?

A: No

Q: How do you determine which method to use for which position?

A: The method used depends on the position to be filled.

Q: What selection methods do you use?

A: Our organization uses application forms both hard and soft copies, tests and interviews.

Q: What are the typical steps in your selection process?

A: Once the organization advertises its open positions, potential candidates are supposed to apply either online or send letters. Upon receiving applications from potential applicants, we evaluate them and invite a number of applicants for general tests. Afterwards, we invite those that pass with over fifty percent or those with the highest scores for interviews. We conclude the selection process with background investigation, but we do not conduct drug tests.

Q: Does your organization use any type of employment testing?

A: Yes

Q: What is the nature of the tests?

A: They are general questions, and they depend on the position to be filled

Q: What tests do you use on what position?

A: Like I have said before, they are general tests and they depend on the position to be filled

Q: So there are no specific tests

A: Exactly

Q: Would you please describe the interview process that your organization uses to recruit new employees?

A: We start by preparing the candidate for the interview by welcoming him/her. Then we proceed to acquiring information from the candidate through probing questions. After we are through with asking questions, we supply information and allow the candidate to ask us questions. We close the interview by telling the candidate that he/she would be contacted within two weeks to let him/her know the outcomes of the interview.

Q: How does your organization make the final decision about who is offered the job and who is not offered the job?

A: Our organization makes decision based on the information that the candidate provides during the interview together with the certificates provides and other supporting documents. The candidate that scores high in all these areas is hired for the job.

Q: Do you believe that your organization’s recruitment and selection process is effective and efficient?

A: Yes

Q: Why?

A: Because it is thorough and normally ends up getting the right employees


Based on the information that the assistant human resource manager provided to me, the organization uses a valid recruitment process because it uses both internal and external methods to fill its open positions. For internal recruitment, the organization posts its job openings to its intranet for employees to view them whereas for external recruitment it posts those jobs to its general website. However, given that the organization uses its website to advertise most of its open job posts and rarely advertises those jobs on newspapers, then it might not attract many job applicants. This may affect the recruitment process by denying the organization a chance to choose candidates from a pool of potential applicants that other external recruitment sources attract (Dowling, Festing and Engle 337).

The selection process is also valid because it includes most of the important aspects. First, it includes some of the selection methods such as application forms, ability tests and interviews. Second, it includes background investigation. In spite of this fact, the selection process is not thorough because of two main reasons. Firstly, the general tests used to select potential candidates may not be valid for the organization’s jobs. They may not measure characteristics related to job qualifications. Secondly, the background check does not include drug test. Although this test is not so important to the organization, it may result to high employee turnover following inefficient background investigation. This may affect employee retention.





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