Sample Paper on Staffing Project-recruiting

An organization collects applications when it needs to fill a new job opening in various ways. This paper is about critiquing the use of online software in receiving applications from prospecting employees, and the case study is Toyota, Honda and Dayton Progress.

At Toyota and Honda, the internet tends to limit and inadvertently exclude many qualified applicants who have difficulties in accessing the internet. This is especially for jobs that do not require one to be internet savvy to qualify though there is a consistency in getting information which is easier to review. The software may unfairly reject qualified applicants. For example when experience levels are too specific (Beechler & Woodward, 2009). This applies to systems that use specific keyword searches for prequalification and resumes as well. But still, this data can be tracked and analyzed. The systems introduce personal data risk to the applicant and create an obligation for the employer to invest in security at the same time the employer can keep the applications that can later be considered for multiple listings (Plunkett, 2009).

Recruiting process and web page usage at Dayton Progress; the recruitment process is targeted towards finding an employee who has a good character, can get along with colleagues and most importantly someone who can cooperate and show mutual respect to others and is safety conscious. The web page is all open, and all available vacancies are posted with details and requirements for all interested candidates to apply. The received resumes are checked daily and sent to relevant HR. For one to get a job, initial interviews are supposed to have been undertaken by the individual as it is imperative in gauging the candidate’s ability to cope in the work environment (Kunda, Barley & Evans, 2002).



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