Sample Essay on Business Writing #2: Correspondence Rewrite

Dear Professor Anne,

I take this opportunity to thank you for being a wonderful Lecturer and making a positive impact on my study career. The Purchasing concepts learnt from your class have been helpful both in class and at work. Let me commend you for your hard work that you expended in the Cost topic. However, I respectfully request for a grade change from B to A. Nonetheless, am thankful for the final grade awarded for my hard work.

I want to humbly let you know that I really worked hard in your paper despite the numerous challenges that I had. First, I do not get financial support from home and for that I have to work at Platinum Hotel every morning before attending the lesson to fund my education. The two classes I missed were because the hotel management would not let me leave because of special events at the hotel. I did not have control over this and managed to attend the rest of the classes unlike other students who just take off when they choose.

My hard work and dedication were manifested on the midterm examinations when I managed to score 84 percent despite being counted off 7 points. You agreed that there were several ways of handling the third question in the examination and that those who used “premium cost” would have their grade changed upwards by 7 points. I sincerely think you never took that into account since I got 90 percent in the final examination, which is an A.

I hope you will think about my request.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely