What Should an Introduction Include in an Essay

What Should an Introduction Include in an Essay?

Many students may be bothered with the question, what should an introduction include in an essay. However, it can be quite easy for you to evaluate and determine the contents of an introduction for an essay paper. Knowing these right elements of an essay introduction will enable you to create an outstanding and compelling opener to your essay paper.

Having knowledge on the right components of an essay introduction can also enable you to acquire ideas for creating introductions for other academic papers too. In fact, it is one of the best ways of preparing for an academic paper.

In order for you to effectively know what should be included in an essay introduction, it is important that you start by understanding the definition of an essay introduction and the role it plays in the paper. An introduction is the opening statements of an essay paper meant to give your readers an overview of the topic or subject of discussion so they know what to expect.

An essay introduction is the window through which your audience are able to view the context of the discussion presented in the paper. It is the first paragraph that introduces your main idea in the paper.

So, what should an introduction include in an essay paper

In most occasions, deciding on what to write in the introduction part of an essay paper could be challenging. However, it should be noted that an introduction should simply be a precise overview of the discussion in the paper.

Still asking, what should an introduction include in an essay? The following are the basic components of an essay paper introduction.

Generally, an essay paper introduction should comprise of an attention grabber, brief background information about the topic, thesis statement and transition to the rest of the paper. Each of these elements serve a particular purpose in the paper that should be vividly shown in the way the introduction is written.

Attention Grabber

This simply refers to the hook or an interesting point given in the first sentence of the introduction to attract the attention of your readers or make them want to read further. An attention grabber can be formulated in various ways including quotes, anecdotes or simply through statements that can whet the readers’ interests.

Surprising statistics and rhetorical questions related to the subject of the essay could also make good hooks for your paper. However, you should always choose just one attention grabber to use in your essay.

Background information and thesis

Although this is often confused with the hook, it should be noted that it is quite different and should be well distinguished in the introduction of your essay paper. The importance of this section is to help your readers see where your argument is coming from and main claim in the essay.

You can give general information that sheds light on the subject, while narrowing it down to capture your key argument, also known as the thesis statement. The thesis should be a specific claim that is disputable.

The thesis shows the particular focus of your essay and should be backed with a statement indicating how you wish to defend it in the paper. Therefore, it is important that the introduction also gives smooth transition to the rest of the paper, highlighting how your points will be organized therein.

What should an introduction include in an essay and how can those elements be presented in the paper

After you answering the question, what should an introduction include in an essay, it is important that you also know how to present those components in the final paper. In this way, you will be able to know how to effectively deliver a good introduction paragraph for an essay and other academic papers.

The following are guidelines on how to properly present the elements of an essay paper introduction.

Make it brief

An introduction is generally one short paragraph that gives readers a hint on what is discussed in the essay. Therefore, you should always try to analyze and refine the information for the various parts of the intro to ensure that it meets the required threshold for a good one.

Even if you are planning to use an anecdote or short story, always make it simple and short but relevant to the subject of discussion or your main argument. In order to avoid a lengthy introduction, always include only the important and necessary points.

Avoid vague statements and very technical statements that might confuse your readers. However, the length of the opening paragraph and information shared therein may vary from one paper to another depending on the subject and writer’s intentions.

Start with a hook

The introduction of an essay paper should begin with an attention grabber of your choice, based on the topic and purpose of the paper. A good hook should be strong enough to cause a reaction from the audience or ignite their feelings.

Be very keen when choosing a hook to determine one that can effectively appeal to the interests and emotions of the audience. Besides, it should also be something that your readers can relate to quite well.

Move on to give specific information about the topic

After opening the discussion, you should then move straight to telling the readers about what you will be addressing or talking about in the paper. Do not simply write the thesis after the hook but try to be creative by developing the statement from a general perception to the particular claim that you intend to prove. Be very specific in writing this section so that your readers are not left looking for the thesis statement across the introduction.

The thesis is the key argument that will be proven in the essay and should be clearly brought out in simple and plain terms. When writing the thesis, it is also important to point out any clarifications that you think may give your audience problems when reading the essay.

Give your readers a plan for the discussion

It is also important that you tell your readers how your points will be organized in the paper. This should not be long but simply mention some of the points that will be addressed in the following paragraphs in support of the thesis.

The introduction plays an important role in convincing readers, hence, should be factual and present reliable information. Giving wrong or flawed information in the introduction will simply tell readers that you do not understand the topic and discussion in the paper, and eventually render your work useless.

Examples of Essay Introductions

Reading professionally written sample introductions for essay papers can also enable you to effectively answer the question, what should an introduction include in an essay? Samples are examples of essay introductions written by experts and other students to show you the components and how they should be properly presented when writing.

The following are some examples of essay introductions to read for more insights on what should be included in an essay introduction and how those elements should be highlighted in the paper for better results.

Example 1

Sample Introduction for an essay about Biotic Factors Affecting Population Growth

‘’Biotic factors affect population of organisms. The term is widely used in ecology and is used in reference to life. Therefore, biotic factors refer to activities of a living thing that affects the living of another organism in its environment. Biotic factors in a community are essential for the creation of a balance of life in the ecosystem…’’

Read the above sample essay introduction and see how it is positioned in the paper here.

Example 2

Introduction for an essay about the Effect of Globalization on Third World Countries

‘’Globalization is a common denominator that brings together countries from all over the world to share a common goal. For example, because of this linkage among nations, there is increased industrial and financial globalization, which is behind increased opportunities for 1st and 3rd world countries. While these nations experience the impact, developing countries seem to be reaping the benefits more than their developed counterparts. The former are attracting investors from all over the world because of enhanced business environment…’’

Click here to read the rest of the sample essay introduction.

Example 3                                                                                                        

Sample Introduction for an Essay about the United States-European Union Relations

‘’The United States-European relations is a phrase used to refer to bilateral relations involving the United States of America and the European Union. However, since the European Union does not have foreign policies which are completely integrated, the relations with the United States have in some instances proven complicated. This is as a result of the European Union’s lack of a common stance that is acceptable to all its member states…’’

Follow this link to read the other parts of the sample introduction.

What Should an Introduction Include in an Essay: References

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