Term Paper on HR Management

HR Management: Google Inc.

[Term Paper on HR Management]

Term Paper on HR Management: Introduction

Among the listed largest search sites on the internet, advertising services providers and engines is Google Inc. The aim of this company is to ensure that its operations, practices and functions are supportive, professional, encouraging and respectable to consumers and employees. This company has been successful and recorded extensive growth as well as development rates. Perhaps, this is due to the efforts that the company has put in integrating junior and senior employees in its operations. Its aim is also to ensure that there is a relevant course of its work that promotes professionalism. Google Inc has work programs whose formulation and implementation is done properly with an aim of encouraging creativity and innovation. This broadens ideas and opinions among the junior as well as the senior workers (SMI, 2013).

The Human Resource Management of this company is made of philosophies, principles, policies, and practices of subsystems, as well as subsequent subsystems. All of these are capable of realizing and maintaining success rates. Employees are identified and classified as individuals who are committed to the realization of the organizational objectives and goals by internal subsystems through the internal philosophy. Google Inc. through HRM strives to acquire a human capital that is high performing. Nevertheless, the assertion of the company is always on treating employees equally and fairly. Usually, employees have important influence on a firm’s performance as well as success rate in their diverse capacities (John, 2012).

Staff Development, Training and Personal Administrators at Google Inc. Company

[Term Paper on HR Management]

Among the professional and strategic approaches that this company uses to attract and retain staff is staff development. This company has attracted skilled, talented, experienced, exceptional and highly qualified employees. The basis of their recruitment is hard work and creativity principles which are the prerequisites of joining the training program of the company. Google Inc. has different departments that offer different programs. The employees are hired and then trained. The expectation of the company is that they will use their acquired skills to work as well as to offer efficient and effective services as well as products to the company’s customers (Florence, 2008).

For an effective and efficient team to be developed, the company strives to ensure that practices of human resource are maintained in terms of health and safety of the programs and departments. The formulation and implementation of these programs and the undertakings of the departments is aligned with the plans, performance and procedures’ reviews of the company in order to ensure that success is achieved and sustained. Yearly performance reviews are conducted by this company. This helps in identifying the wants and needs of these training programs and the growth opportunities that they present as well as the development of the employees currently and in the future years. The reviews also enable the firm to reflect on different development and supportive programs. These programs may also be integrated within the training procedures of the company in order to effectively and efficiently equip the employees with relevant skills for managing the functions and operations of the company (Florence, 2008).

Google Inc. managers coach, shadow, plan and mentor work experiences because it forms a part of training and talent development. There are dynamic sectors in which the company has its operations. It faces competition from the other engines that include Microsoft and Yahoo. Nevertheless, the company has achieved and sustained its competitive advantage within the industry. Google Inc ensures that it advances its technologies using new innovative ideas that are incorporated in the search engine in order to make it more competitive. As such, staff training and development in this company is aligned with the practices of the human resource development (Florence, 2008).

John Sullivan wrote an article about this company’s analytics whose aim was to reinvent HRM practices in 2013. John compared this firm with others that are in the list of top twenty companies. His assertion was that despite being old, the company is using contemporary HRM practices in order to realize massive success as well as high performance rates. Innovations are acknowledged by this company and their role of steering it to success. The origin of these innovations is the recruited and trained as well as the retained individuals (John, 2013).

Google’s personal administrators form an employees’ chain that supports the proposed ideas. Larry Page, the co-founder of Google Inc. asserted that this company does not rely on specifically selected persons. Instead, it depends on every employee that can maintain a trusting and open relationship. The company depends on every employee in making policies and decisions for building and expanding the firm. Nevertheless, the HR practices as well as data driven functions of this company are also acknowledged by the administrators.

Other HRM Practices at Google Inc

[Term Paper on HR Management]

There are diverse HRM practices in this company. For instance, this company aims at ensuring that employees are served healthy, organic foods during the day. It also treats every consumer and employee fairly, equally, with impartiality and justly. It has also established a brand name that clients and employees are happy to relate with. Employees’ team work has enabled the company to satisfactorily meet and fulfill the personal needs of consumers. Consequently, most people acknowledge Google Inc. as a unique, resourceful, caring, and philanthropic company due to its corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives (SMI, 2013).

Term Paper on HR Management: Conclusion

The aim of Google Inc. is to ensure that it achieves its set objectives and goals. An organization can be broken or built by HRM practices depending on the capital, social opportunities and assets that are available. It is important that Google promotes efficient and effective internal subsystems. As such, the functions, relations and operations of this company are in line with its objectives and goals. The HRM practices are aligned with HR policies, principles and strategies that are relevant and flexible to the company’s procedures and systems. Developing and implementing HRM practices first was important before starting Google’s functions and operations. This was in line with the ability of the company to achieve, manage and sustain successive rates of its performance.

Term Paper on HR Management: References

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