Sample Recommendation Letter

Sample Recommendation Letter

As a job seeker or student who is applying for college or university admission, a sample recommendation letter is one of the most vital assets that you should have in the stock of your professional references. A recommendation letter, also known as a reference letter or letter of recommendation, can be defined as a document in which its writer assesses the characteristics, capabilities, and qualities of the candidate or the person that they are recommending in regards to their abilities to perform a specific function or task.

Usually, recommendation letters are related to admission to higher education institutions, employment and scholarship eligibility. A recommendation letter can be written on request, hence, addressed to a given requestor who can be an officer in charge of university or college admission or a new employer. However, this letter can be issued to a person that is being recommended. In that case, the addressee is not specified.

Use a sample recommendation letter to determine how a good recommendation letter looks like

Whether you are the one in need of a recommendation letter or you have been asked by a colleague, a friend or a junior employee to write one, a good example of a recommendation letter will enable you to determine how a good recommendation letter should look like. With a good sample letter, you will know how to format a recommendation letter. A good sample will also help you in determining the information to include in the letter. If you are the one in need of a recommendation letter, you will know what to ask your recommender to include or highlight in your reference letter.

Remember that a recommendation letter should be written professionally. It should be formatted properly and error-free. If you are writing a recommendation letter for the first time, a good recommendation letter sample will make this seemingly daunting task easier.

Format of a good sample recommendation letter

There is a format for writing recommendation letters that a good sample should follow.

This format is as follows:

  1. Contact information

A good recommendation letter sample should start with contact information. This includes your name, title, school or company name, address, city and zip or State code followed by the date.

  1. Salutation

If the writer of a sample letter knows the requester, they include salutation such as Dear Mr. James. However, if it is a general recommendation letter sample, they write, “To Whom it May Concern”

  1. First paragraph

In the first paragraph of a sample recommendation letter, the writer explains how they are connected to the person that is being recommended. This includes details of how they know them and why they are qualified recommenders of that person for school or employment position.

  1. Second paragraph

In the second paragraph, a good recommendation letter example should include information regarding the person that is being recommended. This includes what makes them qualified, the contribution that they can make and reasons for recommending them. The sample can use additional paragraphs to provide these details.

  1. Third paragraph

The third paragraph of a sample recommendation letter should provide information that indicates how the skills of the person being recommended match the position that they are seeking or applying for. To get this information, most writers ask for a copy of the resume of the person being recommended or a job posting’s copy. This makes writing a customized recommendation letter possible.

  1. Summary

This is a section of a recommendation letter sample that provides a summary of the reasons for recommending the candidate. In this section, the writer states why they strongly recommend or why they recommend the candidate without reservation.

  1. Conclusion

In the conclusion of an example of a recommendation letter, the writer provides additional information such as phone number, email address or a signature.

How to get a stellar recommendation letter sample

Nothing will turn off a potential employee than a recommendation letter that is written hurriedly. Remember that it is an honor to be asked by a person to write a recommendation letter for them. Therefore, if you do not know how to write a good recommendation letter, take time to find good sample letters and guides for writing one. A good example of a recommendation letter is written professionally in a formal letter format. It uses a professional language and it includes the key attributes of the person that is being recommended. Additionally, it provides comprehensive details of the applicant rather than simply a checklist of their qualifications.

There are many ways of getting good sample letters including asking expert writers to write one for you. You can also ask colleagues to help you in writing a reference letter. If you are an employee such as a supervisor, the human resource department of the company that you work for might have past recommendation letters that you can borrow. Additionally, there are online sources that have sample letters that you can use as your writing guide.

Example of recommendation letters

Sample 1:


Mr. Benson Hendrix,

Managing Director,

Global Ventures Limited,

Modern Building,

13th Lane Genuine High Road,

New Hampshire, UK.

Subject: Employee’s position recommendation in your organization

Dear Sir,

I, Henry Patrick, working as the Managing Director in a Henry and James clothes manufacturing company wish to recommend Johnson Payne for a managerial position in your organization.

Johnson has been working in our organization for the last two years as an assistant manager. During this time, there has not been a case of absenteeism or even leave for Johnson. Johnson is punctual because he always report to his work station on time. He is efficient, a good team player and a leader. Johnson is also good at motivating his co-workers.

I am confident that if you employ Johnson, he will prove that he is a great asset for an organization. Feel free to contact me any time for more information about Johnson.

Thank you.

Henry Patrick,

Managing Director

Sample 2:

To Whom It May Concern:

Benson Kim held the position of an Administrative Assistant at Modern-Tech from 2011 to 2014. During his job tenure at Modern-Tech, Benson was responsible for providing office support which included handling tasks like creating brochures, scheduling appointments, producing documents using Word Processor, writing newsletters and other types of office literature.

Benson handled his responsibilities professionally without supervision. His position required regular interaction with members of the public. It also required a great deal of the ability to liaise among different departments. To be successful, he Benson required strong interpersonal and communication skills.

I am glad to recommend Benson and I can confidently say that his customer service, computer literacy, professionalism and work ethics are great. I am undoubtedly confident that he will be a great asset for your organization if you offer him the position that he is applying for. Kindly feel free to reach me any time if you need further information about Benson.


Beatrice Thomson

Community Involvement Director,


143 Fake Street



Using a sample recommendation letter to write your recommendation letter

To use a sample letter as a guide for writing your recommendation letter, you need to follow certain steps as follows:

  1. Review the recommendation letter example to see how or where the writer places elements like the address, names and titles. This is very important because how and where this information is placed makes this letter professional.
  2. Check the sample letter carefully to note the information that is included in the sample letter. However, details of a recommendation letter can vary depending on the position that is being applied for. For instance, details of a job recommendation letter are different from those of a scholarship recommendation letter. Therefore, read the sample to know the information to include and how to include it.
  3. Note the common details to include in the letter such as the strengths, attributes or qualities that differentiate the candidate from other applicants.
  4. Note how other qualifications such as education and work experience that present the candidate as the best-suited applicant for the position are presented in the letter.
  5. Take time to note how the recommender’s signature, contact information and name are included at the last part of the sample letter.
  6. Put the sample aside to write your letter.
  7. Revisit the sample then edit your letter ensuring that you have included all the necessary details.

Basically, take time to carefully review the elements of a recommendation letter in the sample that you use. Remember that a good recommendation letter can differentiate a candidate from the others candidates. Therefore, take time to master the steps of writing a recommendation letter after reviewing a sample letter. Remember that employers have details of the candidate as provided in their resume or application letter. As such, a good sample recommendation letter to use should include information that the applicant did not include in the resume and job application letter.

Sample Recommendation Letter: References

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