Sample Essay on Response to the Project of Annecto

Response to the Project of Annecto

Annecto refers to an organization whose activities entail working with people in different communities both communally and at the individual level. This organization aims at identifying favorable approaches for society in providing support services among families and individuals as well as performing voluntary tasks. It aims at establishing connections among local communities in order to enable individuals to comprehend their aims.

Among the works of this organization include identifying vital dreams and hopes for the people via personal planning as well as using innovative networks in planning. The organization assists individuals in their homes with different tasks including gardening in order to maintain a good home environment. This organization ensures that it offers helpful and relevant assistance to individuals who are in need of it.

Sample Essay on Response to the Project of Annecto: QUESTION 1

The aim of this project is to promote positive media portrayal of older people in Australia. For this project to be significant, it requires several things. For instance, a coach that will enhance effective facilitation is needed. This coach will oversee project management through the use of major objectives. As such, if there is deviation, the coach is expected to provide guidance to the team so that it can move in the appropriate direction. This way, focus will be maintained and the project’s goal scheduled and achieved by the end of the set duration of the project’s execution (Denscombe, 2010).

Information is also required for this project to uphold validity. The information is the students’ provision as they work on it. Students will be required to use different means of generating relevant information including brainstorming. As such, the effective completion of this project depends on the determination and dedication of the people that will work on it. Determination and dedication will also increase the potentiality of the project in regards to its validity and credibility of the final output which will include the information (Denscombe, 2010).

Additionally, experts’ input will be required for this project because experts will provide valuable information that relates to this field. The provided information will be relevant in terms of ensuring successful results for the project. As such, individuals with adequate experience are important and reliable because they have valuable information regarding the issues that will be addressed by the project. Nevertheless, experts’ information is restricted to considering this subject matter. Any deviation will result in the collection of useful information that will be irrelevant at the stipulated time.

Sample Essay on Response to the Project of Annecto: QUESTION 2

The main concern of the organization is social innovation’s information. The aim is to bring out social values that are upheld by the people that the organization takes care of (Noble, 2001). Usually, this refers to new, innovative concepts, evidence, strategies, ideas, research, and skills. Information about change agents is also included. This includes challenging expectations, attitudes, and beliefs that are deeply held by the people. As such, it is among the major themes of this organization. The aim of Annecto is to enhance social involvement. This will develop and strengthen products and services that will build organizations’ and individuals’ capabilities. Usually, the organization does this via early intervention as well as at important transition points in the lives of the people. Such points include when getting older, leaving school, and losing or obtaining a job.

Social Return on Investment’s information is also used by the organization because it assists in addressing issues that the clients face. The project will use these measurements in measuring individuals’ outcomes and the community development work’s results. This is aimed at identifying the effects that an organization’s work has from the perspective of a larger community. This will assist in turning the important issues curve in the community. Self-advocacy information is also used especially determination. Strategies that provide support to individuals who want to come up with informed decisions so that they can realize personal goals are also used.

Information about people as well as their capabilities is vital for this organization. As such, the media promotes it as well. This entails information regarding the process of enhancing staff competencies and alignment. This is aimed at enriching workplace culture as well as driving performance and attraction among other relevant issues. Sector leadership and capacity building among the people via self-direction is also involved.

Partnerships, governance, and cultural information are also important in ensuring organizational success (Bowers, 2013). Actually, partnerships, governance, and culture are among the aspects that underpin integrated networks, and informal and formal processes. When combined with relationships, they characterize the Annecto organization’s practices. This aids in the development of strong affiliations within this organization at interstate and local levels. This organization will grow in expertise and knowledge due to its ability to engage and collaborate with partner organizations. This is important to Annecto’s flexibility because it operates in a changing environment. Through partnerships, this organization streamlines operations as well as access to research, specialized services, and knowledge which enable it to continue helping families and people.

Generally, the information that Annecto needs to execute and meet is objectives relates to its values (Mitchell, 2006). The organization will be enabled to value any person wholly by general information about people. This organization also concerns itself with information about diversity since it is flexible and sensitive to cultural and individual differences. Additionally, the organization aims at obtaining community information so that it can assist in establishing social networks as well as participate in people’s life.

Sources that will be used in gathering relevant information that this project needs should be credible. Primary information sources are the best option because they offer first-hand information. Such information might be similar in all industries. The suggestion is that there are minimal chances of such information being irrelevant. Consequently, the objectives of the report will be achieved by the time the stipulated time for the research ends. Using relevant business information in this field is important. Such reports are based on their research and they may provide comparison materials or serve as references. Detailed materials of the previous successful research can also provide information for the current research (Jonkowicz, 2005).

Sample Essay on Response to the Project of Annecto: QUESTION 3

Those who will undertake this project are required to possess diverse skills in different areas in order to execute it sufficiently. The required skills should yield a positive impact. A mastery of the relevant skills as well as possible project recommendation’s success should be insinuated by the output. Having authority in the relevant fields is important because the data collected will yield reliable results. Skills like observation will give participants a lively experience. Consequently, the inferences made in this project will be interesting. In case there is no inclusive bias in the made observations, the project’s outcomes will lack concrete backgrounds. This depicts the merit of employing observation when making conclusions. Observation is among the primary information-gathering methods. Observation is also effective when it comes to determining the requirements of the clients which will lead to the success of this project (Jonkowicz, 2005).

It is important to mention my field’s expertise in relation to the information under investigation. I have relevant skills that enable me to handle a project admirably. This is a guarantee that I will be successful in raising suggestions regarding the way the project can be made to influence individual persons’ lives and the entire community positively. This project’s contribution will have vital positive significance and this will be helpful. Having skills for executing a project is important and integral because it determines the present information’s quality. The acquired knowledge during community service enhances interactions with other people who may provide the necessary information for compiling a report (Jankowicz, 2005).

In a nutshell, ensuring data integration and better practices will make the entire group successful. This will be achieved if the project will impress the stakeholders and if the recommendations will be implemented. If executed properly, projects provide good fortunes. As such, an extensive project research increases the chances of its implementation by a company and this is advantageous for any project. The required commitment and expertise determines the success of the project. This requires commitment in conducting research and sufficient, relevant expertise. The final success will mean a situation in which other projects are likely to succeed.

Sample Essay on Response to the Project of Annecto: References

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