Research Paper Sample on Fears or Doubt as Counselors Develop

Research Paper Sample on Fears or Doubt as Counselors Develop


The paper will address factors that underlie the development of new counselors as they develop to become professionals. Thus, this paper is aimed at revealing some of the fears and doubts that are experienced by those willing to become or are already training as counselors. This discussion essentially unveils ways in which Corey and Corey (2010) overcame doubts as well as fears in the development of their careers. This will be accounted for in terms of ideas and more so, a recount of Corey’s own experience in becoming a professional counselor. The authors give steps or guidelines for self-reflection and evaluation of the professional aspirations of an individual in counseling for the facilitation of successful professional development.

Research Paper Sample on Fears or Doubt as Counselors Develop

Research Paper sample on Fears or Doubt as Counselors Develop

Fears and Doubts as Counselors Develop

There are several problems that are linked to becoming a counselor, and indeed, a professional one. Many scholars are on the verge of career scheduling in human services, counseling, social work, psychology and many other related professions. The authors of the book laid great emphasis on brawls, apprehensions and qualms of counselors. It is evident that the authors took deliberate measures in making examinations that depict the weights and pressures of counseling professions and their subsequent inspiration on the specialists (Corey and Corey, 2010). At the start, the book gives a guide for scholars through encouragement by looking into their individual intentions and requirements for counseling.

Research Paper Sample on Fears or Doubt as Counselors Develop

This is a good move towards encouraging aspiring counselors to view things clearly by being honest in the assessment of their real outcomes from their work. This book directly provides insight into the importance bestowed upon a counselor knowing himself or herself by exploring the involvements of his or her family or origin. This will assist them in understanding how previous associations have continuously influenced the superiority of associations that aspiring counselors will or are intending to build in their future career as counselors. This critical analysis of counselors provides a detailed evaluation on how counselors understand the developing transformations in their own lives and how significant those evaluations are (Corey and Corey, 2010). The first chapter discusses the examination of the intentions of an individual for becoming a counselor.

Corey and Corey (2010) provide clear clarification on this part, where it is argued that importance rests upon the cross examination of motives for the choice of a career. This enables aspiring counselors to have a better understanding of the various reasons that they should consider or have considered through reflecting on them properly. The authors accordingly argue that it is vital to note that counselors can make a significant difference. This can take place where people lack significant anticipation, by proving to them that they are able to change by believing in themselves to create better lives. Thus, the authors point out that, aspiring counselors should ask themselves on how their personal needs impact their abilities in becoming effective counselors.

The book on the other hand, also discusses the typical needs, including motivations of counselors. Foremost, understanding and acknowledging various motivations enables one to become aware of their impact on the quality of interactions with other people. Some of the needs include the need for making an influence, which is an indication that some counselors wish to apply a vital inspiration on the lives of the people they offer services to (Corey and Corey, 2010). The other one is the need for making a good return, which highlights about a role model who plays an integral part in the motivation of others towards becoming counselors. The need for caring for others comes in the early age, whereby one develops the urge to assist others and he or she grows up with a similar passion. The authors made a deliberate move by writing the book in a personal way in various places by sharing their own personal experiences and opinions. This helped in the formation of real illustrations on how personal motives and involvements impact career choices. Besides, the authors also give their own incentives for becoming counseling professionals to help new counselors in becoming and establishing themselves in the field.

The process of sharing their challenges has helped greatly in overcoming nervousness and qualms, including dread and self doubts. For example, through the early life involvements of Marianne Corey, one is able to understand that he or she can develop certain qualities like ‘’attentive listening,’’ ‘’empathic understanding, ‘’ and ‘’confidentiality’’ (Corey and Corey, 2010). These attributes are important in the life of a counselor and are acquired through the service to others. Corey and Corey (2010) realized empathy for others by serving them and in the end, assisted them in times of problems. The author evokes seeing a woman with a psychotic experience; she became so sad watching what the woman was doing, and desired to give a helping hand.

To this point, it has been established that mentorship plays a critical role in shaping the lives of aspiring counselors. It gives them the desire to feel that they should give back what they once acquired. Personal life experiences and motivation have essentially been viewed as integral in the development of new counselors to embrace their professions by understanding what is required in counseling. The authors laid emphasis on personal evaluation through reflecting on the experiences, family relations and motives of an individual. This has been seen to make a significant impact in developing new counselors to overcome fears and doubts in pursuit of success as professional counselors in society. Besides, proper organization of the book, where some of the careers were handled separately, ensured clarity and more emphasis on informing the people effectively. It is therefore, believed that new counselors have the opportunity of knowing what is required of them in the effort to become counselors. However, proper training on how to acquire professional certification as a counselor is all that is required. This can be done through training while taking note of the information given above.

Research Paper Sample on Fears or Doubt as Counselors Develop

Research Paper Sample on Fears or Doubt as Counselors Develop: References

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