Introduction Examples in Essay Writing

Why you need introduction examples before writing your essay

First impressions are always lasting ones especially in academic writing. A reader will remember your work, not because of your short and easy to master name but because of having a good introduction. This is why, renowned writer spend time working on the first paragraph of their paper before moving to the body paragraphs. You need an appealing introduction to attract the reader and give him or her reason to read your book or essay. One of the ways of piecing a good intro is by looking at other people’s work. Examining introduction examples from leading writers is a good practice as it adds value to your skills.

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Why you need a good introduction

Elements of a good introduction

Examples of good introductions

Read this document and discover the secrets of rising to the top as writer. Here, you will learn the tricks that genius apply in their papers to woo readers. Since introductions of various papers and books vary, we recommend that you adjust these guidelines to meet your needs. Keep reading…

Introduction Examples: Important things that a good intro does to your essay

No complete essay lacks an introduction paragraph. It is the ‘head’ of any academic. No professor would waste his time looking at your paper if you do not have a good intro.

A good introduction says a lot about you besides orienting the reader with your work. So, ensure that you get introduction-writing tips from this guide.

As you look for introduction examples from different writers, perhaps the most important thing is to know the key objectives of having a superb starting paragraph. Here is what a good intro will do to your paper.

Functions of a good essay introduction

A good introduction gives the CONTEXT of your essay. As you work on your assignment, remember that while intelligent people draft papers, the audience is unformed. Do not assume anything. The intro should give a chance to bring your readers to the same page and move together as you delve into the flesh of your essay.

The context of a paper encompasses the following:

Background information – It is always good and advisable to establish your subject matter. Where are you coming from? Every reader wants to know this in the initial statements of your paper. Do not make your subject too broad. Settle on something you can manage.

The scope – from the intro, the reader should visualize how much you are covering. A good paper should not be too broad and not narrow. When you focus on a wider scope, you may lack the time to accomplish your goals. Again, it becomes hard to organize your thoughts logically.

State definitions – For technical papers, use the first paragraph to clarify any terms if need be. This ensures that you have shared meaning of terminologies with your audience. Examine the following introduction examples and see how the writers establish the context of the paper.

Example #1: Sample Essay Introductions

Should Handguns be banned

The Department of Justice Bureau of Firearms in California defines a handgun as a tool that one uses for self-defense, defending property and vulnerable assets. Therefore, handguns are not weapons for killing innocent people. Following massive shootings in the U.S, there are debates on gun control measures making rounds. However, there is a tussle between law-abiding citizens and criminals over whether the government should legalize or outlaw handguns. A decision to ban handguns should therefore put into consideration the pros and cons of having a society where everyone is wielding firearms in the name of self-defense.


In the introduction above, the write puts the issue of handguns in America. Firstly, he starts by defining a handgun so that the reader and the writer have a common understanding of the issue. The writer also mentions the ongoing debates over of the issue and gives a thesis at the end of what the government should do before making a decision on the issue. Read more introduction examples here to up your game in essay writing.

How a good introduction gives focus to your essay

A good introduction gives your main idea. What is your argument? This comes at the end of your introduction paragraph in the form of a thesis statement. While an intro opens with general statements on the subject matter, it narrows down to the specifics of the issue with the thesis. Thus, a good thesis statement should be:

  1. Specific – Draft a thesis that narrows on a particular aspect of the issue at hand. This will give direction to your reader and to you when developing ideas.
  1. Clear – Avoid vague language that causes confusion. Be as clear as possible. The reader should not find any doubt in your argument. It should have no form of ambiguity.
  • Contestable – A good thesis should be datable. Choose an issue that will leave tongues wagging. Make it provocative so that sections of the audience raise counterarguments. You do not want to discuss a flat topic that is not contestable.

Good introduction examples should also show the structure of the essay. From the initial stages of your essay, the reader wants to know the arrangement of body paragraphs. You can achieve this by outlining the major points, which your essay will cover along the way.

As you give the structure of your essay, avoid giving too much information. Remember that you are simply doing an intro and the body paragraphs await you. Giving excess details in the introduction is like telling the reader to stop at the intro. Do not discourage your audience from reading on. Wet their appetite.

Typical ingredients to look for in introduction examples

To draft a good essay introduction can be a mindboggling task. Besides skills, you may have to come up with several drafts before you piece together an awesome paragraph that fits to come first on your blank paper.

In some cases, you may have to write your introduction at the end of your essay. This is can be a good trick especially when handling a complex subject. By crafting your introduction at the end, you already understand the issues of discussion from all the angles.

Regarding the length, an essay introduction depends on the overall word count of your paper. On average, a good introduction should not be more than 10% of the entire paper. While short papers may have a few lines as the intro, a 20-paged paper will have about two pages as the intro.

Nonetheless, here are some of the elements that good introduction examples should have.

Statement of importance – Readers wants to know why they should read your work. Do not meander; say the significance of your research. This should answer the so what question.

Previous works – It is also important to mention previous works published on the subject. This is further helpful in affirming the context of your work.

Justification – It is necessary to justify your work. Was there need in the first place to conduct the study on the subject? If yes, present evidence.

Your objectives – Say what you intend to achieve at the end of study. The reader wants to know your ultimate goal before getting deeper into the other sections of your paper.

Limitations – Mention the goals you did not meet and why.

Mistakes to look out for in most introduction examples

If you read several introduction examples, you will soon realize a trend in common errors that writers make. Having an excellent intro is definitely one of the parameters that separate amateur writers from specialists. Do you want to be an expert? Then, avoid the following pitfalls:

ERROR 1: Not having an introduction at all – this is a grave and inexcusable mistake that you should avoid at all cost. Ensure that your paper starts with an introduction. In case it is painstaking task, move to the body and revisit your intro at the end.

ERROR 2: Having a bogus introduction – It makes no sense having a placeholder introduction that adds no value to your essay.

ERROR 3: Too much background in the introduction – Do not give unnecessary historic information in the first paragraph. You may have to reserve the details for body paragraphs.

ERROR 4: Too long introductions. Always keep your intros short and sweet.

We hope that this guide will enhance your writing skills. Put in more effort, practice and hard work. Godspeed.

Introduction Examples in Essay Writing: References

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