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How to Write a Science Research Paper

Understanding Our Assignment

How to Write a Science Research Paper: You are here because you have been tasked to complete an assignment. This sample guide illustrates what is expected, and how you are expected to complete your assignment. You can use this sample guide with proper reference; if you are looking for an assignment to submit, please contact us for a non-plagiarized paper written by our professionals.

How to Write a Science Research Paper

Writing science papers is a common assignment, especially if you are pursuing a science course like chemistry, physics, medical studies and biology among others. Scientific writing allows you to communicate your research findings to other scientists and the rest of the world in a logical manner.

Unlike when you are handling general essays, these papers require you to follow a particular format, capturing specific elements. This document details the basic rules of how to write a science research paper. As you go through this guide, remember to always check with your department and confirm your assignment instructions.

A summarized process of how to write a science research paper

Are you in the field of science? Well, you have to prepare yourself for written assignments, which are sometimes too demanding and exciting for students. A science research paper is a tool of communication that captures your data and its evaluation in the context of the research problem.

For your research paper to have an impact on the audience, you must use proper and standard English.  Besides, you must present your ideas and findings in a clear and concise manner, without any form of ambiguity.

Although there are different formats to follow when presenting your science research paper, here is a summary of rules of how to write a science research paper.

Writing a scientific research paper

Prewriting stage: This is the time to prepare your mind for the task ahead. Reserve enough energy to take you through the exercise. Prewriting allows you to do groundwork.

At this stage, do the following:

Take research notes. Put down your ideas by generating texts or sketching your presentation in form of diagrams or figures.

Ignore neatness – Do not waste time arranging your material neatly. Focus on noting down your idea because you will organize your work at a later stage.

Analyze your audience – Your research paper will be successful if you meet the needs and concerns of your audience. By understanding your audience, you will have a clear purpose and focus as you write your paper.

The Writing Stage – This is where the actual writing of your research paper starts. It will largely depend on your level of preparedness to handle the assignment.  Try the following tips:

Start with easy sections – since your research paper is in sections, start working on simple segments as you advance to complicated and more advanced parts.

Keep writing– Do not stop. Write until you exhaust each section as per the materials you gathered during your research.

Revise your paper – As you think of how to write a science research paper, reflect on the format you will use to present your ideas and findings. This stage allows your research paper to have the correct format and outline. Try the following as you revise your paper:

Start working on the content of your paper first. Once you have the content in place, refine the structure, then the style.

Remain focused – Stick to your main purpose through communication, reasoning and clear presentations of your research work.

Edit your paper – You do not want to present a flawed paper to your professor. To eliminate all the inexcusable errors, here are the action points to execute:

Data accuracy – Ensure that your data is accurate since it forms the basis of your discussion, conclusion and recommendation.

Check for grammar – Review your paper to eliminate any grammatical or mechanical errors.

Proofread – This is the last chance you have to eliminate any mistake in your paper before submitting your work. Print your copy and reread it. In most cases, it is easier to notice errors on a hardcopy than on your computer.

The following example will help you gain more knowledge on how to write a science research paper. Keep reading…

Example #1: Sample Science Research Paper

Which battery is better, is a science research paper in which the writer explores the life of different batteries with the aim of discovering factors that determine the strength of a battery. Here is the Abstract of the paper:

Manufacturers always market long lasting batteries, but which batteries last longer and does the rate of current drain determine the life of a battery? This experiment explores AA batteries that last longer when exposed to varying current drain devices. The devices used in the project were a CD player, a flashlight, and a camera flash. My hypothesis was that Energizer batteries would last longest when used in the devices tested…


This excerpt shows you how to start your science research paper. The researcher describes the experiment, giving details of the material used for the audience to understand better. From the example, remember to capture your hypothesis, which will be tested against your results.

Important sections: How to write a science research paper like an expert

What creates a major difference a science research paper and other academic papers is the format. Most science papers have the following: Title, Author, Abstract, Introduction, Methods, Results, Discussion, Acknowledgments, and References. While some tutors may include other sections or use different synonyms, the concept is what matters most.

In this section, you will find more hints on how to write a science research paper, describing the above sections. Take a look:

Parts of a standard Science Research Paper

Title – Your research title should be specific. Avoid technical titles, which only experts can understand. Think of your audience as you formulate a suitable title.

Authors – Give your full names since you are the author of the research paper. Include other people in case you collaborated putting together the paper.

Abstract – This is a summary of your research. Present a sneak preview of your paper, capturing the most important points like major findings, conclusion and recommendations. Keep it shot and leave explanations for other sections.

Introduction – Present your research problem. Your readers want to know issue you are addressing in your report.

Materials and Methods – This is here you explain your data collection techniques. Say where and how you got the information. Common methods in research include interviews, questionnaires, observations and discussion groups among others.

Results – Say what you gathered. Present your findings neatly using tables, charts or graphs.

Discussion – Explain your findings so that your audience can understand the implication of your results. This section is the substance of your paper.

Acknowledgement – This is where you appreciate people who helped you complete your research paper.

References – Whose work did you consult? Use standard citation styles like APA, MLA, Chicago and Harvard.

With this stepwise method of how to write a science research paper, no assignment should pose a challenge to you. Examine the following example as you reflect on what we have discussed so far.

Example #2: Sample Science Research Paper


In this experiment, the researcher tested how people obey authority. According to the results, most people obey authority….


Participants- 30 respondents participated in this experiment. The participants were enrolled through a print media advert and paid $4.50…


Out of the 30 participants, 20 delivered optimum shocks. During the experiment, 5 participants were disobedient.


Most participants in this experiment were angry with the experimenter. Even though many followed orders, they were uncomfortable with the process. From the results, people can cause harm to others intentionally when asked to do so.

Notes for you:

This example captures some of the sections that make up a good research paper, which we have already discussed. Note that the length of your paper depends on the instructions from your tutor.

General info on how to write a science research paper without straining

We have looked at structure and elements of a good science research paper. In this last part, you will find general guidelines to help you write excellent papers.

Do a thorough research – A research paper is devoid of hearsay and innuendos. Get the facts on your issue to win the trust of your audience.

Understand the purpose – The purpose of your research paper will give you direction. Know what you are looking for and tell your readers exactly that.

Cite your work – The basis of a good research paper is proper referencing. Acknowledge every source of information you consult. Stick to one referencing style for consistency.

Have sections – Most tutors want you to divide your research paper into sections. This helps the reader to follow your ideas as they flow logically.

With these tips, find more examples here:

Example #3: Sample Science Research Papers

By now, you have all the secrets of how to write a science research paper. Make this guide your best friend and you will surely excel.

How to Write a Science Research Paper: References

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