Essay Sample on The Floriders Hotel

Essay Sample on The Floriders Hotel

Mission Statement

The Floriders Hotel is a new business venture in Florida, whose target customers are motorcycle riders within the city. It is in the public domain that Florida offer amazing scenery for motorcycle riders with its wonderful features. In particular, the state is home to spectacular highways and byways, which are nowhere else in America. Besides, Florida has breathtaking physical and manmade features that attract locals and tourists. Above all, motorcycle enthusiasts seem to love these features more than any other group of people since they fancy adventure. To crown a wonderful experience for the riders, The Floriders Hotel ensures that they get memorable time whenever they are off the saddle. It is doubtless that this hotel would offer comfort, relaxation, happiness and peace of mind to all its target customers. At The Floriders Hotel, we cater for every class of riders, including couples, individuals and groups. To ensure that you get incomparable and lifetime experience at The Floriders Hotel, you will find the following services:

  • Upon checking in, we provide every customer with a microfiber rag, which you can use to clean the road and any other dirty bugs.
  • We have a fully-fledged motorcycle washing station with a hosepipe and a bucket.
  • At The Floriders Hotel, we have guest laundry services, to ensure that the clothes you travel with are always clean.
  • We have ample and secure parking space for you right in front of your room or suite. With this parking, every patron remains in constant contact with his or her bikes.
  • We also provide a garage, especially those who are concerned with the security of their motorcycles.
  • We contract mechanics to attend to your motorcycles as you enjoy the natural ambience of our hotel, to keep your machines in the right gear.
  • You will also have two outdoor hot tubs, which will allow you to rid saddle scores.
  • We also guarantee you all weather and anti-scratch motorcycle covers. There shall also be heat resistant panels placed near your motorbike’s exhaust pipes.

Very few hotels in Florida understand and cater for the needs of motorcycle riders holistically as we do. In fact, there is no single hotel, which targets meeting the needs of these bikers across the state (Travelodge, n.d). Many hotels, if not all have general services to all patrons, regardless of their class with very few offering different motorcycle related services. With this operational environment, The Floriders Hotel will be hitting completely new ground as we intend to address the needs of motorcycle riders holistically. We shall have a network of branches in strategic places across the state to guarantee you convenience at its best. Our Vision is to see The Floriders Hotel become the best accommodation choice in Florida for all biker within a period of five years.

Essay Sample on The Floriders Hotel

Guiding Principles


We shall train our staff in best way possible and sternly warn them against dishonest practices when dealing with all patrons. As a company, we shall ensure that honesty remains part of our culture and trickles from top to the bottom. We endeavor to give accurate and reliable information to our customers at all times, offer trustworthy services, guarantee you unlimited security and charge reasonable and affordable rates for all our services. The management will also uphold this principle by being honest with our staff. We believe this will be our pillar in building our reputation in the market.

Customer Satisfaction

The Floriders Hotel values its customers as number one stakeholder. Thus, we shall embrace customer satisfaction by offering quality services beyond your expectations and unmatched in the industry. We shall remain flexible in adjusting to your demands, so that we remain a customer-driven hotel, offering acceptable services at all times.


The Floriders Hotel will be fair to all its patrons regarding service delivery, punctuality, fair pricing and reliable customer service. With this, we promise to treat you with utmost fairness as long you are in our premises. As a company, we shall also remain fair to all our employees especially when it comes to recruitment, remuneration, firing, leaves, compensation, and conflict resolution.


While many hotels in Florida are quick to claim their friendliness to customers, bikers get disappointed whenever they visit these facilities and wonder about the true definition of friendliness. At The Floriders Hotel, we do not consider friendliness as a trick to woo bikers but a virtue we shall endeavor to inculcate and practice at all times when serving you. In my research, I was able to understand the elements, which constitutes to a motorcycle-friendly facility. I also learned and mastered the needs of bikers especially when they are on long road trips. With this combination, we are certain that we shall not only provide friendly accommodation to bikers but also a guarantee of safety. This will make a ride in Florida memorable, as patrons will carry the image of our services to every place they tour. In essence, we aim at delivering a unique experience to all riders that is incomparable to riding.

Strategic Direction

For convenience and easy access, we shall locate our hotel at Key Largo, which is the world’s diving capital. The island is popular among tourists and bikers with several parks in its neighborhood and home to the only existing coral barrier reefs in the U.S. Besides, Key Largo is famous among motorcycle riders. It has its natural physical features at all corners of the island with magnificent highways like Overseas Highway, County Road 905 and Card Sound Road. Therefore, as the first hotel in the state that targets bikers, The Floriders Hotel will attract tourists in large numbers.

We intend to open a chain of branches across Florida after two years of launching The Floriders Hotel. We have therefore earmarked a number of strategic places, including Orlando, Miami, Tampa Bay, Fort Lauderdale, and Jacksonville. A common element among all these cities is their ever-growing number of bikers. It is worth noting that regardless of our expansion in the industry, our target will remain on motorcycle riders. Our main goal is to have a niche in the hotel industry by offering customer-based services.

Essay Sample on The Floriders Hotel

Customer needs and achieving competitive advantage

At the heart of The Floriders Hotel will be 100% customer satisfaction. This means, we will review our services constantly to ensure that they are in line with our customers’ demand. We shall also have effective communication channels with our clients and act on their feedback promptly at all times. We shall give a guest comment card to all our customers, which will allow them to review our services to help us serve you better. Our staff will collect and review the comments and make a monthly report for the management. Upon this submission, the management will make decisions to improve our services (Cochran, 2003).

As the first hotel in Key Largo to target bikers, Floriders will enjoy array of first mover advantages. This will give it a competitive advantage over other players in the market that do not offer customer driven services. With this, Floriders should get more patrons who value comfort and value for their money. The hotel will be a one-stop-shop for all bikers, with holistic services. We shall cater for the needs of categories, including those who travel in groups.

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