Easy Tips on How to Write an Essay

Easy Tips on How to Write an Essay

Essay writing is a common assignment in college and in life. Regardless of your field of study, you need skills to put you ahead of others whenever you are handling written assignments. An essay is a written argument with coherent ideas. You are a good essay writer if you can present your ideas orderly to give meaning to the reader. Thus, the task goes beyond scoring high marks but attending to the logic of your audience. Becoming such type of a writer requires that you have to do practice and seek help from your tutors. Besides, you need tips on how to write an essay from reliable sources to help you master areas that appear complex in writing.

In this guide, you will find the following:

  • Top essay writing tips
  • Elements of a good essay
  • Examples of good essays

REMEMBER that these tips apply to all types of essays, which you will meet during your study time. Feel free to adjust them to fit the purpose of your assignment and share them with your pals to experience a new sense of essay writing. Keep reading…

Free Tips on how to write an essay expertly and in no time

Academic writing requires you to write standard essays for grading, and which add value to your final mark in college. From when you start writing in elementary school to when you earn your Ph.D., most of these rules never change. Therefore, the number secret of excellent essay writing is sticking to the rules of the game at all times.

Parts of an essay you should remember

A good essay, whether long or short, should have the following three major segments:

INTRODUCTION – You lay the foundation of your paper by giving relevant background information on the issue. This first part of your essay creates an impression about your writing style and could win or repel the reader. As you go through these tips on how to write an essay, try the following hints as you work on your first paragraph:

  1. Make your intro interesting. An excellent introduction should be eye-catching to pique the attention of the reader and give him or her reason to read on. Be that writer who wets the audience’s appetite with the intro. Use quotes, narration, startling figures or historical figures to achieve this.
  2. Have brief intros – In standard writing, your essay introduction should be 10% of your paper. In other words, the length of your intro depends on the overall size of your paper. Because of the limited space, focus on what matters most and leave unwinding explanations to the body section.
  • Have a thesis statement – Your introduction should end with a thesis statement, capturing your main idea. A thesis gives direction and bearing to you and your audience. It tells your reader your position on the issue.

BODY PARAGRAPHS – This is the meat of your essay. It carries up to 80% of your entire essay. To develop a holistic body for your essay, you must conduct meticulous research on the subject matter. Only research evidence will make the body of your essay solid.

CONCLUSION – It comes toward the end of your essay. Its purpose is to wrap up your discussion. To have a good conclusion, revisit your thesis statement, recap your main ideas, and state how your ideas and evidence support your argument.

With this introductory section of tips on how to write an essay, consider the following sample papers. They will help you understand what we have covered so far:

Example #1: Sample Essays

  • Human Sex Trafficking Around the World
  • Discrimination of Women and Immigrants at the Workplace
  • Culture and Society

Basic tips on how to write an essay in college

Good essay writing is a skill, which you develop through learning and practice. If you cannot remember when you last did essay writing practice, then you need to up your game.

This section of the guide focuses on a stepwise approach to follow when writing your essays. While it is true that these steps are extremely helpful, there is no fixed and linear process to follow when handling your written assignment. Employ the following steps and see how it goes…

Simple Essay Writing Steps

The steps are this simple…have a look…

Step One: Understand the question – Your final paper depends on the instructions you get from your tutor. Do not be quick to start writing before you understand the purpose of the assignment. Read and reread the prompt to eliminate any doubts. Consult your professor for further direction. This will ensure that you present quality work.

Step 2: Develop a thesis statement – If you cannot remember any tips on how to write an essay, then do not forget your thesis statement. As we have mentioned above, a thesis gives bearing to your paper. Take a clear stance on the issue to develop a concrete argument. It also helps you to organize your ideas and the overall structure of your essay.

Step 3: Conduct research – Here, you delve into credible academic sources to develop your ideas and support your thesis. Common sources to use include journals and books. As you research, remember to take notes and document bibliographical information of the sources you choose to use.

Step 4: Do a plan for your essay – Create your essay plan, showing a sketch of your final paper. With your thesis and research material in place, you should be able to visualize what you want. Outlining your essay ensures that you capture what is important sequentially.

Step 5: Do your first Draft – Get on to the business of writing and starting drafting your essay. Do seek to be perfect. Allow your ideas to flow. Once you are through with this copy, set it aside as it waits for you to edit.

Step 6: Edit your essay – This stage determines how keen you are with details. Reread your paper, paying special attention to the flow and transition of ideas. As you edit, eliminate any errors, like grammar mistakes. In addition, check that you have followed the instructions. Is your word count ok? Have you used correct citation style? How many references do you have?

Step 7: Hand in your essay on time – Academic essays have deadlines. Ensure that you beat this through proper planning to avoid last minute. At this point, you can go partying and wait to celebrate your score.

The following example will help you understand more tips on how to write an essay. Here we go…

Example #2: Sample Essay

We Can Live without Petroleum is a good sample essay, in which the writer captures the basic structure of an academic paper. The essay opens with background information about the oil industry, including its support to the global economy. Here is the writer’s thesis at the end of the introduction:

While it is true that man largely depends on petroleum in various ways, and the industry has become an economic backbone, we can live without petroleum by exploring alternative sources of energy and overcoming the current over-dependence. 

Notice that the thesis clearly gives the reader an idea of what the essay will discuss. For instance, we expect the writer to explain the benefits and costs of petroleum as a source of energy. Importantly, the essay should bring out alternative sources of energy to replace petroleum. You can read the entire essay here and get the gist of the debate.

General tips on how to write an essay

Since no one can escape essay writing in college, you have no option but to sharpen your skills. With the above tips on how to write an essay, let us now look at general guidelines that will guarantee you a smooth sailing in this process.

Essay writing instructions

Choose a good topic – In case your tutor allows you to select a topic of your own pick a topic you love – There is joy in writing about something you love.

Answer the ‘what’ question – Always tell the reader what you are discussing. This should come in the first paragraph so that they do not spend the rest of their time searching for your purpose in subsequent chapters.

Answer the ‘how’ question – Tell your audience how your thesis stands up by presenting both sides of the argument. Give undeniable evidence to convince your reader.

Answer the ‘why’ question – After reading your essay, it should be clear why the issue at hand matters. Why should the reader care? Your essay should explain the significance of your thesis.

Example #3 Sample Essays

If you are wondering where to get these tips, here are recommended sources:

With these tips on how to write an essay, you should be able to handle any written assignment. Godspeed!

Easy Tips on How to Write an Essay: References

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