Sociology Assignment analysis paper on a movie called “Moonlight”

– This is a five-page media analysis paper on a movie called “Moonlight”.

– First of all, you have to watch this movie. (You can find the full movie online)

– Please take a look of the grading rubric that I’ve provided you before you work on the paper.

– The goal of this assignment is to help develop your sociological imagination when it comes to understanding gender and sexuality in our culture.

– you should analyze the character’s gender and sexual identities in relation to their other identities, and how these factors affect the dynamics of their lives.

– The film definitely offers an intersectional look at masculine identity and sexuality, often through nuanced ways ranging from dialogue to color choices. Please apply the concepts of racism, masculine identity and sexualities in the paper.

– You may refer to course readings (I’ve provided you some readings in the additional materials) or outside literature of your choosing.

– Please take about how the black identity and homosexuality influenced the main character Chiron in his three different stages which are childhood, teenage and adulthood respectively.

***Please let me know if you have any questions.
******Thank you!