Sample Zoology Essay Assignment on Do Non-Human Animals Have Emotion?

Formatting: Papers must be 12-point font, Times New Roman, 1” margins. Papers should be single-spaced. Papers must be between 1000-1500 words in length. This does not include any titles or headers or works cited material. Sources: While this is an opinion piece, it must be rooted in credible sources. Sources should come from peer-reviewed articles, literature reviews, publications or books, governmental websites or organizations (CDC, EPA), educational organizations, credible organizations (think industry groups, like the AVMA), or interviews with experts in the field (maybe via a news article or something similar). A works cited should be included at the end of your paper and should be in APA formatting. At least 3 sources should be used, one of which must be lecture material from class. How to Write – Your paper should be divided into several parts as seen below; 1. A Title – Make sure this is eye-catching and captures the intent of your paper. 2. An opening – Your opening “hook” should catch the reader’s attention, but also tell us your position and point you’ll be making throughout the paper. Who is the audience (general member of the public, meat eaters, dog lovers, etc.)? Give us the who, what, why of your topic. 3. A body – Here is where you’ll give us the bulk of your opinion and research. Offer examples, information, data, statistics. Your opinion and views on the position and topic should also be strong here. Also include any counterpoints from those who would oppose your view. 4. An ending – Bring your point home and resolve your position. Offer a possible solution. Tell the audience why they should care and what they can do about it. 5. A works cited – Let us know your sources.