Sample Sociology Essay Assignment on HUMN 3991 A3

Assignment 3 (100 marks, 15%): Instructions
Now that you have completed the activities for Unit 3, you are ready to do
Assignment 3.
This assignment is out of 100 marks and is worth 15% of your final course grade.
Part A (21 marks)
Answer seven of the following ten questions. Provide brief answers (two or three
sentences). Rely exclusively upon course material. (3 marks for each answer)
1. What is materialism?
2. What is biblical literalism?
3. Why is indeterminacy in nature an important for science and religion?
4. What is the limit question?
5. What is telos?
6. What is the connection between the falsification principle and
arguments for the possible existence of God?
7. Why did Galileo really get into trouble?
8. Darwin’s refutation of a literal biblical interpretation of the origins of
man is correct. However, there are gaps in his arguments (which will
most certainly be filled!), name one.
9. How does Newtonian physics differ from Quantum mechanics?
10. What is indeterminacy?
Part B (30 marks)
Answer three of the following five questions. Rely exclusively upon course material.
Two or three paragraphs. (10 marks for each answer)
1. Identify one moment in history where science and religion might have
conflicted. Identify one moment where they were harmonious. Why the
2. How is the Kalam argument different from the Cosmological argument?
How might these differences influence the dialogue between science and
2 Assignment 3
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3. Provide an exampled of the verification principle that might refute
modern science. Provide an exampled of the falsification principle that
might refute modern science. What is the importance for religion?
4. How were the responses of the ecclesiastical authorities to Copernicus
and Galileo different? Why?
5. Why is indeterminacy important in the discussion of science and religion?
Part C (49 marks)
Answer one of the following two questions. Rely primarily upon course material,
including videos, and secondarily upon online material employed in the online
discussions. 500–750 words.
1. How do differences between epistemological questions and quantum
mechanics shape the science religion debate?
2. Review one of the three landmark debates (Copernicus, Newton and Darwin)
in light of what you have learned from the lesson on paradigms in science
and religion. How might doing so influence one’s understanding of the
relationship between science and religion?
Criteria for Evaluating Essays
Here is a set of criteria that will form the basis for evaluating this written
Substance (75%)
 Each paragraph provides evidence of critical thinking and analysis as well as
synthesis of researched information throughout; in other words, it does not
merely repeat verbatim information from a primary source.
 Information sources are relevant, current, and credible.
 The material in each paragraph is not contradictory.
 Each paragraph explains the necessary aspects of the concept and provides
necessary examples, support, or illustration.
Writing Style and Format (25%)
 The paragraph is unified, developed, and coherent, with transitions between
 Sentences are grammatically correct; words are chosen for accuracy and
HUMN 3991: Issues in Science and Society 3
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 The writing follows the conventions of spelling and mechanics (punctuation,
 The format follows the MLA documentation style accurately and