Sample Social Work and Human Services Assignment on What are the 5 stages of grief and loss?

Please answer these questions using the references below
Please leave the question as a heading

What are the 5 stages of grief and loss?
What happens if a victim becomes stuck in one of these areas?
How would you assist a victim who is stuck in the Anger stage?
How long do you feel it’s appropriate for someone to remain in one stage before moving to the next?
Have you ever gone through these stages? What stage did you feel you spent the most amount of time on? (If never a victim-try using empathy with someone who did).
Please incorporate in-text citations from the background material
Sources to be used

Costello, A. (2019) 5 Stages of Grief – Elisabeth Kubler-Ross. [Video File] Retrieved from (3:37)

Jo McRogers Grief Support That Works. (2021, May 31). Understanding grief symptoms [Video]. YouTube. (17:15)

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