Sample Social Work and Human Services Assignment on Domestic violence and wrongful convictions

The purpose of Project
Identify a critical issue
Establish the key challenges for social work related to this critical issue
the critical issue (if indeed there are any)
Explore the current status: research, policy and practice responses to address Evaluate these current responses (which may include the analysis of a current
policy/proposed policy or a review of evidence-based treatment/interventions)
Design proposals for change (based on your analysis of existing policy, practice and research in the area – what could we do differently?)
Create a next step action for social work in relation to your chosen critical issue
Connect the this critical issue and proposed response to the core competency

I would like to focus on domestic violence and wrongful conviction of married women who defended themselves against their abusers/ abusive husband and was penalized for doing so.
Present federal laws vs state laws that protect victims include the fact New York State don’t have a law that that protect victims. Find a case in New York where the married woman was imprisoned for defending her self against her abuseR/ husband. Include statics of women who are presently incarcerated for as a result of defending themselves against spouse. What was the outcome of said case.