Sample Psychology Article Review Paper on Stress and Coping During the Pandemic in Russia: The Role of Intolerance to Uncertainty and “Vulnera

This is a part of the literature review for the master’s thesis
I need you to cover the following paragraphs:

1.1.3. Stress in Russia during the Pandemic (covering the mediating role of intolerance to uncertainty)
1.2. Coping with stress: strategies and factors predicting their choice
1.2.1 Stress in general
1.2.2. Stress during the pandemic (Most common strategies applied to cope with the pandemic-related stress worldwide and in Russia)
1.3. Role of intolerance to uncertainty in the relationship of stress and coping behavior in the context of COVID-19 pandemics
1.4. Role of “vulnerability” (having medical pre-conditions to experience more severe consequences of the disease) to COVID-19 in perceiving stress and choosing coping strategies during the pandemic in Russia