Sample Political science Assignment on Is there a certain personality behind in predicting nascent political ambition?

This paper needs to be an academic op-ed to entice and capture a reader. It needs to be written as if you are publishing a newspaper article to convince readers and experts alike. Please make sure that this paper draws attention and provides solutions to real-world events or problems. Please refer to the assignment outline as all details have been outlined there. I have also provided the specific rubric the assignment is graded on. The word count is 550-750 words, Please aim to write below 750 words, preferably 650-700 words.

The citations need to be linked in the assignment like a newspaper article, especially the main peer-reviewed journal the assignment is based off of (Julie Blais, Scott Pruysers, and Philip G. Chen. 2019. “Why do they Run? The
Psychological Underpinnings of Political Ambition.” Canadian Journal of Political
Science 52 (4): 761-779.) however please still provide a work cited page for the main source and any other sources that may be used, thank you!!!

Please contact me if needed through text messaging, and I will be able to reply instantly.

I forgot to note that there is 1 main source needed to be referred to, however, please add 5-6 additional sources as you see fit. Thank you!