Sample Nursing Response essay Assignment on Leadership Project Contract


Student Name: Habtu Tareke

Practicum Location (include the type of unit you are on our site you will complete your project at): North Memorial Hospital, Medical Surgical/Ortho Unit located in Robbinsdale, MN

What is the problem? Medication Errors

Why is the problem important?

Which QSEN Domain(S) is this topic in and why? Safety

AACN Essential 5.1b Identify sources and applications of national safety and quality standards to guide nursing practice.

What is the current practice at your site?

What is your proposed question (this may change as your search develops) you will use to initiate your literature search?

AACN Essential 5.1e Compare quality improvement methods in the delivery of patient care.

P (Patient, Population, or Problem) –

I (Intervention) –

C (Comparison with other interventions) –

O (Outcomes to determine the success of change) –

Student Signature and Date:


Grading Rubric

Metropolitan State University

Term: Fall 2022

Criteria Performance Meets Expectations Points Achieved
Problem and QSEN Domain Identifies Problem, clearly and thoroughly states importance of problem. Identifies QSEN Domain the problem is in. /4
Current Practice Clearly states the current practice at the clinical practice site. /3
Question and PICO format Writes out a practice question and identifies the PICO components within the question. /2
Student Signature (electronic Signature is acceptable) Student signs and dates the worksheet with on time submission to D2L. /1
Total Points ____/10


Submit to the D2L assignment folder by date on the course schedule.


*****All project time should be logged *****