Sample Nursing Dissertation/Dissertation chapter Assignment on End Of Program Paper

1. Clinical Site: North Memorial Hospital, Medical Surgical Unit 2. Patient profile: You Create a patient related to the clinical unit 3. Paper Format: Powerpoint; 20 Pages without title and reference pages 4. Powerpoint: each slide should meet the PowerPoint criteria; not wordy, max six talking points(Bullet points) 5. Speaker Note: Each slide\’s bullet (Talking) point should have detailed speaker notes with real-life examples specifically related to the case(pt.) 6. References: 6.1. Main slide- Each actual slide should have an in-text citation at the end of each slide per APA format. 6.2. Speaker Note- each speaker not for each talking point should be cited too if any reference is used to support the case same as the regular slide. 6.3. Use only the most recent (last 5 yrs, evidence-based, scholarly reviewed) articles specifically related to the case. 7. Use pictures and diagrams as required 8. Required files are attached as files and please thoroughly follow the assignment components using the assignment instruction, Program outcomes, and grading rubric files provided. 9. Plagiarism – Make sure the work is completely new 10. Please feel free to reach out anytime if you require additional information about the paper