Sample Nursing Assignment on Teaching Plan

It is important for nurses to be able to teach patients and their families effectively. For this assignment, create a teaching plan to address an issue to promote the family’s level of wellness in a comprehensive manner beyond the physical aspects. Use the same family you used for the genogram and assessment (your own) and develop a detailed teaching plan to help the family maintain or improve the family’s health status. Remember that the family’s health status will be holistic and will need to incorporate aspects of the family’s physical, psychological, social, and/or spiritual needs based on the assigned case study. The teaching plan needs to be creative to motivate clients to implement needed changes, yet realistic to not overwhelm them. In the assessment you completed you identified three nursing diagnoses. Pick one to address in the teaching plan.

To address this one (1) diagnosis, develop three (3) learning objectives you expect to achieve with this family. The objectives must be short term and realistic. Use Bloom’s taxonomy to help you develop appropriate levels of objectives. Then, determine an evaluation method for each objective to clearly explain how the objective will be measured. Fill in the rest of the teaching plan with creative interventions and teaching methods to help the family achieve the objectives.There is no specific number of interventions for each objective, but typically each objective would have about three interventions.

Too often nurses work in isolation and forget to include other disciplines and their expertise. The interventions must include at least one other discipline (physical therapist, dietitian, psychologist, social worker, occupational therapist, trainer, etc.). Give specific details so the family can make easy contact (name, address, phone number, insurance accepted, etc).

Patients often get excellent teaching but once the session is over they later forget much of what they were taught. The teaching plan must include at least one community resource for the family to access. This cannot be a general idea (consult the local pharmacy) but must be specific for a resource in this family’s community. Give specific details so the family can make easy contact.

It is important this plan be unique to this family and not a generic “cookie cutter” plan that could apply to any family. The plan needs to include enough detail that another nurse can implement the plan. Use the template provided and follow the grading rubric when developing the plan. Submit the completed plan to the drop box. REVIEW THE RUBRIC BEFORE YOU SUBMIT YOUR FINAL PAPER FOR GRADING!!


Please submit the assignment as an attachment. Do not cut and paste it into the drop box..

Submit all versions of your paper to this drop box. Once you submit it to the drop box it will automatically be submitted to Turn It In. Be sure to check the returned paper and originality report. There is no specific number you must meet – look at the report. Only areas like headers, reference, citations should be highlighted. Once revised – resubmit. You can continue this process until you reach the version you are proud to submit. Instructors will grade the last version submitted. Anything submitted past the due date will receive the late deduction. Refer to the Syllabus for late submissions.

You must include the academic honesty disclaimer on the title page, or your submission will not be graded.