Sample Nursing Assignment on NRSG375 Clinical Leadership

NRSG375 Clinical Leadership

Assessment Task 3: Written assignment (45%)
Discuss and analyze in more detail 2 of the discussion posts that you submitted for assessment
task (AT) 2 and use contemporary literature for support. For the 2 posts that you choose, you
are to re-write (not duplicate) the posts you choose to critically discuss and analyse professional
leadership in nursing in further detail to that provided in your original discussion posts. Building
on your engagement and feedback in the discussion forum posts you will expand your responses
through the use of sound written and analytical communication skills, to analyse in greater
depth the major theoretical foundations of leadership and their application to nursing practice.
To enable you to do this you must read and research widely and use further contemporary
literature to support your stance in addition to the literature cited in your original discussion
posts. This is to demonstrate your understanding of the contribution of sound leadership that
enhances service delivery to improve health care outcomes. You must also include again as you
did in AT2, screen shot evidence of your original entire posts and response post in a single (1)
collated word document via Turnitin on LEO. This AT has a word limit of 1200 words +/- 10%.
1 – Modules 1 & 2.
Clinical leadership is not an important consideration as I am about to graduate as a novice
RN. My focus is really on increasing my confidence and improving my clinical skills to be
a competent clinician in my first year as a graduate RN. Critically reflect and discuss in your
first online post (ensure you support your point of view with contemporary literature)
Modules 1 & 2. (LO2)
2 – Modules 3 & 4.
Autonomy and accountability are integral to nursing as a profession. How do these
professional expectations relate to leadership qualities required for the RN’s safe practice?
Critically reflect and discuss this for your second online post (ensure you support your point of
view with contemporary literature) Modules 3 & 4. (LO4).
3 – Modules 5 & 6
As a graduate RN in what way(s) am I expected to contribute to positive change and innovation
in the healthcare environment? Critically reflect and discuss this for your third online post
(ensure you support your point of view with contemporary literature) Modules 5 & 6. (LO5)
You are expected to approach this assessment task as an opportunity to showcase your written
analytical skills in the format of an academic paper. You may find the following link to the
academic skill unit page on academic writing of assistance with this.
The expectation is that you build on the use of the contemporary literature to support your
view in responding to the topics/questions from your online posts in assignment 2 in this next
assessment task. The following link may assist you to do that.
Referencing is integral to academic writing, in the Faculty of Health Sciences, the prescribed
referencing convention is the APA referencing style. You may wish to revisit these
requirements at the following link.
Please refer to the rubric for this assessment task below as a further guide to assessment
You are required to submit evidence (screenshot) of your x4 online posts from the Assessment
Task 2 as a part of this Assessment Task 3. Please submit these as part of the document
submitted for assessment task 3 in a single collated WORD document into the Turnitin
submission dropbox