Sample Nursing Analysis (any type) Assignment on Preventing healthcare workforce suicide

1. Introduction
Introduction paragraph (one paragraph). There must be a thesis
statement at the end of the paragraph that tells the reader the
purpose of paper and what will be discussed.
2. Complex Adaptive Systems
Before you begin the analysis of the hospital, establish
healthcare organizations in the 21st century as complex
adaptive systems (Wheatley, Plesk & Greenhalgh, Deming).
What does a leader need to understand about change in a CAS?
Discuss the leadership challenges of transformation of complex
3.This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome.
Establish the organization
Identify an organization you selected Organization is
Harbor View Medical Center Seattle, Washington. Review
the organization’s website. Provide a basic introduction
to the organization. Give an overall description of the
mission, values, and community work of the organization.
Describe the size of the organization.
4. This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome
Organization status
Is the Harbor View Medical Center in Seattle Washington a
for-profit or not -for profit-structure? Evaluate the
Community Needs Assessment for the facility and/or the
annual report or if the organization is a for-profit, the
annual report for shareholders. What opportunities for
the future work of the organization are identified?
5. Culture
1 point: Describe Edgar Schein’s definition of culture including
artifacts, espoused values, and assumptions. 1.5 point Examine
the organization’s human resources information as well as any
literature describing the organization. Based on Schein’s
definition of culture, seek outward evidence of the culture by
reviewing the selected organization’s newsletters, ads, and
pictures. Describe the observable culture of the organization
based on Edgar Schein’s model.
0.5 point Explain the meaning of the statement Culture Eats
Strategy for Breakfast (Drucker, 2006).
6. This criterion is linked to a Learning
Price Transparency: From the CMS website: Hospital
price transparency helps Americans know the cost of a
hospital item or service before receiving it. Starting
January 1, 2021, each hospital operating in the United
States will be required to provide clear, accessible pricing
information online about the items and services they
provide in two ways: 1. As a comprehensive machine-readable file with all items and services. 2. In a display of
shoppable services in a consumer-friendly format.
Can you find the transparent cost of a hospital item on
the hospital’s website? Was it difficult to find? Choose
any two items and compare the cost of the items at the
Magnet designated facilities to facilities in your
community. Is the Magnet designated facility a lower or
higher cost provider?
7. Recognition
1 point: Is the organization listed as a Malcolm Baldridge Award
recipient? to an external site. to an external site.
Discuss the reasons an organization might consider applying for
the Malcolm Baldridge Award.
Did the organization list other certifications such as Stroke
designation, or Cardiac designations, etc.?
1 point: Is the facility Magnet designated? What value would
Magnet designation potentially bring to the facility?
8. Public information
Public Reported information about the facility:
Using the Hospital compare site located at
Links to an external site. to an external site. to an external site.
to an external site.
How does the facility compare to other facilities nationally?
Are there opportunities for improvement?
9. Conditions of Participation
CMS complaints: Have there been investigated complaints
regarding failure to comply with the CMS Conditions of
Participation ?
See the public information available at: to an
external site.
Information is located in the file labeled: Full Text Statements
of Deficiencies Hospital Surveys – 2021Q4 (ZIP)
Briefly describe the purpose of the CMS Conditions of
Participation (CoPs). What does a finding of Immediate
Jeopardy mean to the facility? As an advanced practice nurse,
why is it important for leadership to understand the CoPs?
10. This criterion is linked to a Learning
OutcomeSafety Score
Assess the LeapFrog scores for the hospital to an external site. to an
external site. to an external site. to an external site.
What is the score for the facility? What does the score
11. Interprofessional Collaboration
As a leader in the organization, interprofessional collaboration
would be an important strength.
Identify and commit to a minimum of two improvement goals
based on the Sub-competencies of the Core Competencies of
Interprofessional Collaborative Practice (IPEC, 2016, pages 11
to 14). Give an example of the reason you selected each of the
two improvement goals. Cite each sub-competency that you
will further develop.
In addition to the two sub-competencies adopted for
improvement, identify two Interprofessional Professionalism
behaviors that are important to effective collaboration?
12. This criterion is linked to a Learning
Summarize the essential points of the analysis of the
organization. What conclusions were reached based on the
13. Scholarship
Demonstrate Graduate Level Scholarship.
1. Formal, scholarly writing style; no firstperson language.
2. Writing should be clear and concise.
3. Organize work by headings.
4. Writing should be free of APA errors.
5. The assignment will automatically be submitted to Turnitin
when the assignment is submitted. Turnitin is set up to
disregard the reference list. Review the Turnitin report for
areas that may have been used in other sources including your
own past work. Paraphrase the content as needed and
resubmit the assignment until the due date. If the student has
added a comment in the course assignment area that the paper
is ready for early grading, it can no longer be revised and
6. CON approved format for a title page (see APA 7th ed)
introduction, and page numbers.
7. Paper to include a minimum of 10 peer- reviewed or
8. Citations and references follow APA 7th ed
9. Writing should be free of grammatical and
spelling errors.
10. Paper not to exceed seven (7) pages
(excluding title page, reference page, and any appendices).
11. Follow all assignment instructions.
Additional deductions may apply for late submissions,
plagiarism or lack of scholarship and professionalism in the